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Practice Life Like Silicone Hand 1 with Stand


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1 Silicone Hand (Choice of Left, Right, or Both)
1 Hand Stand
1 Box of Starter Nails.

  • Poseable – flexible wire inside of it which allows to adjust fingers to desired position.
  • Lifelike - Soft to the touch
  • Acetone Resistant  - Reusable

How to use:

  1. Place a nail tip inside the cuticle pocket and push it into place. This will create a base nail. 
  2. VOILA, you can start sculpting, painting, or designing!
  3. If you would like a longer nail tip to work with, you may glue another nail tip to the base tip or use a form to lengthen the nail.
  4. Use regular nail glue. Do not use Hard Gel or Crystal Adhesive Gels to glue the tips to the hand.

How to remove nails:

  1. Cut Design nails close to the fingertip as possible.
  2. Soak in acetone.
  3. Take tweezer or a scraper to remove the loose tip base off the hand. 
  4. Once glue residue has been cleaned, it is ready to be reused!

Do not rip off nails.
Do not bend fingers in unnatural positions, you may break metal wiring inside of the hand.