SNS HD23 - Crystoff

SKU: 210000011990
SNS HD23 - Crystoff
SNS HD23 - Crystoff

SNS HD23 - Crystoff

SKU: 210000011990
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The world’s first and finest Dipping Powder in the market… SNS invented dipping powders to give women beautiful AND healthy nails. The concept of dipping powders is simple. Instead of applying coloured polish to the nail, you apply an adhesive base which is dipped in fine coloured powder. The powder activates and hardens instantly. The nail is then sealed with a special topcoat. This colour is part of SNS’ 2019 Holidazzle Collection.

Recommended use: Apply a thin layer of Gelous Base and then dip one coat of colour (Gel Base will not activiate). Repeat base and dip for a second layer and full coat of colour.

•⠀Extremely lightweight, long-lasting 14 days of shine, 10 minutes soak off
⠀The newest and healthiest nail system to use on either natural or artificial nails, creating exceptional durability and shine.
⠀Pre-bonded formula to eliminate the use of EA Base, and saves much more time!
⠀No UV light, drying time, odours, harsh chemicals or chipping.
⠀Unlike gels or acrylics, SNS powders are thinner, lighter and easy to apply.
⠀All applications helps each nail grow stronger and healthier with added vits-mins and calciums.