5 Tips To Help You Do a Pedicure at Home Like a Pro

5 Tips To Help You Do a Pedicure at Home Like a Pro

5 Tips To Help You Do a Pedicure at Home Like a Pro

It’s always nice to pamper your feet with a pedicure. If you’re planning an at-home spa day, give yourself a pedicure that looks salon-grade! Check out these five tips to help you do a pedicure at home like a pro.

Always Remove Old Polish

Before cutting or filing your toenails, it’s essential to remove any old polish. With a cotton pad, gently rub nail polish remover on your toenails and let the solution sit for a few seconds. Then, rub the polish away. Letting the remover sit will break up the old polish, so you won’t have to aggressively scrub your toenails and cause irritation.

Cut, File, and Buff Toenails Before Soaking

Cutting, filing, and buffing are steps you must take before soaking your feet. Although sitting in a foot bath is comfortable, the water will soften your toenails, making it difficult for you to cut and shape them. First, you should cut your toenails and shape them with a file. When you get to the desired length and shape, you can do a quick buff across the top of the toenails to smooth out unevenness in the nail bed.

Work With Clean and Soaked Feet

Before placing your feet in a relaxing foot bath, you must clean them. Use mild soap and warm water to wash away dirt and germs. During this time, you can also exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin. Now that your feet are clean, you can soak them in a soothing foot bath containing warm water and Epsom/bath salts. You can elevate your experience by using scrubs and crystals inside spa pedicure sets to leave your feet soft!

Apply Toenail Polish in Thin Layers

When applying color, thin layers are always best because you can achieve an even finish without a long drying time. Depending on the nail polish coverage, you only need to apply two to three thin coats. Then, finish off with a clear coat to lock in the color. Afterward, let your toenails dry completely before putting on socks or shoes.

How To Fix Mistakes

Mistakes happen, and fortunately, you can easily fix them. If the polish runs over to the sides of your toes, use a small brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean around the edges. This technique is also helpful if you want to achieve a clean and precise pedicure.

Treat your feet to a soothing pedicure inside your home. By following our five tips to help you do a pedicure at home like a pro, you will have great toes in no time! If you’re interested in purchasing all the pedicure items you need, you should consider Nail Company Wholesale Supply. From our quality nail polish to accessories, we have a wide selection of products you can browse through today!


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