Notpolish Collection

Notpolish Collection

26 products
    26 products
    Notpolish M-series Trio Full Collection - 128 colors*
    Notpolish It's Polish Mseries Gel & Polish Duo Collection - 128 Colors*
    Notpolish M-Series Powder Full Collection - 128 Colors *
    Notpolish OG Trio Collection - OG101-212
    Notpolish It's Polish OG Duo Collection - 112 Colors
    Notpolish OG Full Powder Collection - 112 Colors *
    Notpolish Candy Coated Collection - 12 colors
    Sold Out
    Notpolish Heavenly Glow Collection - 33 Colors
    Sold Out
    Notpolish OMG Collection - 48 colors
    Sold Out
    Notpolish Spring Blossom 2020 Powder Collection (M86-M97) - 12 Colors
    Notpolish Ball Til You Fall 2020 Powder Collection (M110-M121) - 12 Colors
    Notpolish Holiday Glam Collection (M71-M85) - 15 Colors
    Sold Out
    Notpolish Shades of Pastel 2018 Spring Collection - 10 Colors
    Notpolish Powder Spring Saigon 2019 Collection (OG183-OG192) - 10 Colors
    Sold Out
    Notpolish Nude Nail Powder Collection
    Notpolish Favorite Nude Powder Collection - 10 Colors
    Notpolish Tropic Like It's Hot Summer Powder Collection (M98-M109) - 12 colors
    It's Polish Duo Autumn Serenity Gel & Polish Collection M61-M70
    Sold Out
    Notpolish Autumn Serenity Powder Collection M61-M70
    Notpolish Glow Up Collection - 8 Colors (G26-G33)
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Disco
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Neon Disco
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Pastel
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Platinum
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Solid
    Notpolish Gel Liner Kit 12pc - Brown Nude

    Notpolish is known for its amazing array of colors and color collection themes. Buy Notpolish wholesale from Nail Company Wholesale Supply! Chose the Notpolish duo collection or one of the themed collections based on the seasons, candy colors, and nudes. There’s Holiday GlamHeavenly Glow, and Chrome collections, and there’s even a group of “OMG!” colors. Regardless of your preference, Notpolish products includes wonderful dip and acrylic powder that’s ready for you!

    Notpolish nails are available in duos of gel and polish as well as matching sets that include dip, gel, and polish. Each duo or trio collection also comes with gel base and top coats. Also available in 3-in-1 products, the Notpolish collection is versatile. Browse our inventory and choose the Notpolish dip powder colors you love.

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