• Are there any discounts or coupon codes?
      • Periodically we offer coupon codes. You may sign up to our emailing list so that you will be notified of any special promotions.
    • Is your site for professionals only?
      • We highly recommend that you have a license or prior training when purchasing the products on our site. Without proper training, some of the chemical ingredients found in these products may cause damage/irritation to you. In addition, with improper use, the product may become damaged.
    • How long is shipping?
      • We are currently shipping out of Florida. Our ship time is 2-5 days depending on your location. Most of our packages will be delivered to you within 2-4 days.
      • Orders placed over the weekend will be process the following business day.
    • How do I track my order?
    • Tracking states “Delivered” but I did not get a package.
      • Sometimes the tracking will show the package was "Delivered", however, it may take up to 3 days for the package to show up.
    • What is Package Protection?
      • Package Protection a service provided that protects packages in which they are lost or stolen upon delivery. It is automatically added at every checkout, however, you have the option to remove it from your checkout.
      • Please note that by removing the Package Protection from your checkout, you are waiving coverage and releasing Nail Company Wholesale Supply of any responsibility if your package is lost or stolen.
      • Package Protection cost varies depending on your Order Subtotal, please reference the list below:
        • Package Protection charges 1.5%-5% of the cart total based on several factors
      • We may request supporting documents to finalize your claim. Failure to comply may result in the denial of your claim due to insufficient evidence.
    • Why do I have to send in additional documents for verification?
      • Due to high fraudulent activities in recent days, we have placed a new policy regarding orders tagged with high alert. To protect our customers of possible fraudulent charges, we will require additional information to verify that it is you who made the purchase.
    • For questions relating to Returns and Exchanges, please click on the link provided below:

    Disclaimer: Nail Company Wholesale Supply, Inc is not responsible for the changes of manufacturing components, specifications, or color which may differ from literature, web sites or other promotional items. 


    Email: sales@nailcomapany.com

    Text: 850-503-2874