7 Beautiful Nail Colors You Can Wear This Fall

7 Beautiful Nail Colors You Can Wear This Fall

7 Beautiful Nail Colors You Can Wear This Fall

There are seven beautiful nail colors you can wear this fall to upgrade your manicure game. Lean into the seasonal aesthetic with beautiful tips. Check out this guide for nail inspiration. Don’t forget to purchase your polish and other products once you pick the perfect color!

The Fall Aesthetic

Beautiful leaves, warm drinks, chilly days, and seasonal activities are all wonderful things about the fall. Additionally, autumn fashion and beauty looks are two components many enjoy during this time of year! Depending on your area, the fall aesthetic varies, but popular nail colors stay the same.

Of course, the standard plums, burgundy, and orange nails are timeless. However, you can try new polishes that align with the season! Instead of tossing out the seasonal staples, collect more fashionable shades for you to rock this autumn. You will love the stylish shades and enjoy pairing them with fall outfits.

Enjoy Autumn With Awesome Tips

You can switch up manicures any time. Whether you’re an at-home manicure pro or a frequent salon visitor, you should follow the latest nail trends. The best part is that autumn shades are perfect for any occasion. From the workplace to dinner, your nails will dazzle while paying homage to the season. The next time you purchase nail supplies or visit a salon, select a seasonal nail color to showcase your style!

Nail Colors To Try

Picking a nail color is challenging, especially when you want to try something new. Fortunately, you can match your fall aesthetic with pretty nail shades. Consider one of these seven beautiful nail colors you can wear this fall for inspiration!

Caramel Brown

Caramel apples, iced coffee, and pumpkin bread may come to mind when you think of caramel brown. Instead of associating the color with food and drink items, consider caramel brown nails. The warm shade is neutral yet gravitating. The rich color pairs well with comfy sweaters, jackets, and any fall outfit. If you’re interested in sticking to earth tones, this shade is for you! If you want an alternative to the deep shade, a caramel tan is a great option too! It’s similar to nude polish but with a deeper, more enticing tone.

Denim Blue

The gray-blue color of denim jeans is the next nail shade you should try. Denim blue nails are interesting, unique, and great for fall. Although denim isn’t a typical autumn color, there’s never a wrong time to try something new! The cool tones make an excellent transition from fall to winter. Although Jack Frost isn’t nipping at our nose just yet, denim blue nail tips welcome the fun ahead. Upgrade your denim blue manicure with cute nail art like gold foil or silver gemstones.

Vampire Red

Vampire Red, a deep red polish, is a wonderful color this season. Of course, the name stems from Halloween (or, perhaps, a Twilight obsession), but it’s a great overall shade. The deep and rich tone is undeniably eye-catching. If you’re looking for a stunning shade that’s fall-ready, you can never go wrong with a dark and luscious red. Wear gold jewelry to make the color stand out even more!


What’s bolder than black nail polish? Whether you want a matte or glossy finish, black tips are a must-have seasonal shade. You can always place nail gems and art on the manicure, but black nails speak for themselves. To make this manicure pop, try a unique nail shape. For instance, coffin and arrowhead nail tips are fantastic options. The pronounced and angled edges will turn heads. Furthermore, black nails are perfect with Halloween costumes or everyday wear.

Dark Gray

We understand that black nails are a bold commitment. If you’re interested in a subtle yet dark polish, consider dark gray nails. Complement your autumn outfits with this cool manicure that won’t disappoint! Add a shimmery accent nail to liven the tone or create an ombre effect with white and dark gray polish. This is a polish shade that’s versatile and trendy because of its versatility. It also plays into the moody vibe of fall nights.

Olive Green

Olive green is a transitional nail polish color that’s beautiful from the start to the end of fall. Many people prefer this shade because it mimics how the leaves change colors. During the autumn, we shift away from lively summer colors and welcome deeper tones. However, leaves and foliage don’t undergo a dramatic change overnight. They ease their way into new, stunning shades. Olive green is one of those gorgeous transitional colors! As the outdoors change, let your manicure reflect the season.

Blush Pink

What’s fall without a subtle pop of color? Blush pink is a lovely nail color that looks great year-round. Traditional autumn colors incorporate warm and deep tones (pushing away bright colors). However, blush pink is light and neutral. If you enjoy nude nails but want something different, try this shade. Your manicures will look gorgeous with this sweet shade.

Fall Nail Designs for 2022

Along with the beautiful polish shades, you can add fun designs. This year, leaf decals, small pumpkins, and plaid stripes are trendy design choices. If you’re interested in subtle touches of fall, brown and tan swirl designs are wonderful additions. Use nail charms, brushes, and stickers to achieve your desired look.

You can also step outside the box and create unique nail art that speaks to you. Orange and gold glitter will enhance your caramel brown nails, or you can use uniformed crystals to upgrade a dark gray manicure. The design possibilities are truly endless!

Honorable Mentions

There are infinite colors to rock this fall, not just these seven options. However, not all shades made our final cut. Check out the additional colors in this list of honorable mentions:

  • Shimmery Copper
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Silver Chrome
  • Burnt Coral
  • Metallic Purple
  • Deep Moss Green

Achieve the Best Manicures

While showcasing your autumn nails, the last things you want are manicure chips or lumpy polish. Achieve the best manicures by applying thin coats of polish, wearing a base/topcoat, and allowing your nails to dry properly. Don’t forget to wear cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticles and nail bed. When you follow good practices, your nail will look their best throughout the season.

With so many manicure options, you can try various polish colors in the coming months. Perhaps you start with Vampire Red and make your way to Olive Green tips. Follow your preferences and prepare for gorgeous nails this autumn!

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7 Beautiful Nail Colors You Can Wear This Fall

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