Simple Toenail Designs You Can Create at Home

Simple Toenail Designs You Can Create at Home

Simple Toenail Designs You Can Create at Home

Manicures aren’t the only nail look you can add designs to. Create beautiful pedicures with awesome designs and easy techniques. Check out these simple toenail designs you can create at home for inspiration.

Rainbow Polka Dots

Rainbow art is popular for many beauty looks, including pedicures! For this design, start with an all-white base, and then select your favorite colorful polishes. On each toenail, place small dots of the colorful polish. For example, give one toe red dots and the next toe orange ones. Follow a rainbow color scheme to complete the look. Don’t forget to add a clear top coat polish to seal the look!


Pay homage to a beach vacation with nautical-themed toes. This adorable pedicure is great for anyone interested in trying something new. On a navy-blue pedicure, add white horizontal lines (like a sailor suit), but leave the big toe free. Next, draw an anchor on your big toe with white polish. If you’re uncomfortable doing a freestyle design, use an anchor nail sticker to complete the pedicure. You can add gold accents for extra flair.

Golden Garden

A golden garden toenail design is another fun one you can create at home. Start with a white, blush pink, or pastel pedicure, and then use the Golden Garden nail art sticker set. The set includes ready-to-use stickers with gold, white, and pearl accents. Place the designs on your fresh pedicure to create your ideal look. The stickers will enhance your toes and offer a chic yet whimsical design.

Accent Toe

Just like you might create an accent nail in your manicure, you can highlight an accent toenail for your pedicure. Select one of your toes as an accent toe and use a different color polish to make it stand out. For instance, use gold or silver polish to make a standard pedicure unique. Additionally, you can add nail stickers, foils, and gems to make the toe more distinct.

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