Why Dip Powder Manicures Last Longer Than Gel

Why Dip Powder Manicures Last Longer Than Gel

Why Dip Powder Manicures Last Longer Than Gel

When you’re looking for a long-lasting nail look, dip powder and gel manicures are two options you may come across. However, one option might be better than the other for you. Read this guide to learn why dip powder manicures last longer than gel and why you should choose this nail look.

Long-Lasting Power: Dip Powder

If you’re interested in a manicure lasting up to five weeks, you should select dip powder nails over a gel manicure. Many salon-goers believe gel manicures are the longest-lasting, but that title actually belongs to dip powder.

Dip powder manicures last longer than gel because the powder’s polymers are stronger than the ones in gel polish. Dip powder starts with a colored powder that activates and dries when you apply the activator polish. In contrast, gel nails dry after you cure them with a LED or UV lamp.

Why Choose Dip Powder Nails

One of the most attractive elements of dip powder nails is that you don’t need an LED or UV lamp to complete this look. The activator polish will successfully hold the nail look. Additionally, dip powders come in various color choices. You can achieve your desired manicure without settling for a few selections. Simply put, the longevity and powder choices make this manicure the best option for many!

Manicure Removal Process

Did you know that the removal process for gel and dip manicures is similar? You remove the first layer of polish with a nail file, then soak the manicure off with an acetone solution. For gel manicures, you can set acetone-soaked cotton balls directly on your nails so the polish can lift.

Since dip manicures last longer than gel, you can expect a lengthier removal process. Instead of the cotton ball method, you must submerge your nails in a bowl of acetone for 10 to 20 minutes. Naturally, the dip powder takes longer to dissolve, but acetone will do the trick!

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