10 Nail Sticker and Color Combos To Recommend to Your Clients

10 Nail Sticker and Color Combos To Recommend to Your Clients

10 Nail Sticker and Color Combos To Recommend to Your Clients

Everyone loves leaving the nail salon with a fresh and cute set. And as you know, happy clients lead to successful businesses. Help make your clients happy with fantastic manicure suggestions. Check out these nail sticker and color combos to recommend to your clients, along with other useful information related to nail stickers.

Why Are Nail Stickers Popular?

Adding a special element to manicures is possible through nail art. While many nail techs paint unique designs by hand, this method can be very time consuming. To save time but still provide a captivating look, nail techs should use nail stickers. The self-adhesive stickers give clients trendy designs without extra salon time. Clients and nail techs love the simple and effective process.

1: Cotton Candy Dreams and Light Pink Nails

Our Cotton Candy Dreams set is stunning. The gold and iridescent accents add a whimsical aesthetic to any manicure. However, Cotton Candy Dreams and light pink nails are the best pair! The subtle color allows the gold accents to shine. Furthermore, the iridescent gems are a beautiful touch. Recommend this manicure to clients interested in an aesthetically pleasing nail look.

2: Gold Studs and Black Nails

For clients interested in bold and alluring nails, gold studs with black polish are a striking fit! The gold decals are prominent and gorgeous. Given that black manicures are distinct, this selection works with an accent nail. Instead of placing stickers on each nail, place a few studs only on the ring finger. This enticing manicure will surely turn heads!

3: Designer Prints and White Nails

Designer prints with white nails is another nail sticker and color combo to recommend. Designer labels are eye-catching and scream luxury. Chanel or Gucci decals can make manicures stand out. If your client loves designer labels, this is the perfect option! White nails are the best background because they’re simple and help the designer print stand out. Your clients’ nails will dazzle with this lavish manicure option.

4: Daisy Dream and Baby Blue Nails

Daisies with blue and gold accents are pleasant nail stickers. Clients can pay homage to springtime with these wonderful decals. Stick with the springtime mindset and pair the decals with baby blue nails. The pastel shade contributes to the cute and blossoming appearance of the manicure.

Blue Alternative

If your clients want another base color, suggest a pastel or mint green. The shade is a trendy alternative that looks amazing, while also aligning with the springtime aesthetic.

5: Red Roses and Gray Nails

Red roses have such a deep, rich color, while gray is a muted shade. When you put the two together, you create a complementary masterpiece. Gray manicures are elegant and simple, making them the perfect base for a radiant design. The gorgeous rose is a great match for this manicure. Rose decal stickers and gray nails are a perfect combination because they offer the minimalist pop of color many clients are looking for.

6: Red Line Sticker and Green Nails

Our next suggestion has a holiday aesthetic. Red line stickers with green nails mimic a holiday present. The red and green seasonal colors are splendid for a festive nail look. To enhance this option, place a gold or silver bow on the nails. Doing so adds to the present look. For a unique and season-appropriate nail selection, this is a great manicure to recommend.

7. Palm Trees and Yellow Nails

Bring a beach vacation to your client with yellow nails and palm tree stickers. This manicure is vibrant and fun with a tropical flare. To mimic a Miami sunset, select Sunset Yellow polish as the base. Then, strategically place palm trees on the nail. You can never go wrong with this delightful manicure!

8. Strawberries and French Tips

French tips are a classic manicure that’s beautiful, simple, and stylish. However, there is a demand for French tips with a decorative feature. Strawberry nail stickers are the perfect addition to this manicure! The fruit decal is trendy and nostalgic, especially for fans of the Strawberry Shortcake series.

9. Galaxy Set and Black Nails

For clients interested in a manicure that’s out of this world, a galaxy set with black nails is a mesmerizing option. The space-inspired manicure is captivating and unique. The black polish creates the best background for the intergalactic nail decal. With pieces like shooting stars, planets, and the moon, clients will love the interstellar appearance!

10. Butterflies and Pastel Purple Nails

Butterfly nail stickers are stunning, and they can enhance any nail look. But the best way to showcase butterflies is with pastel purple nails. The delightful shade pairs with butterfly decals to create a dainty manicure. Let the decal become the star of the show as the client displays their gorgeous set.

Nail Sticker Application Tips

Your clients want long-lasting manicures. You can help ensure this with the proper application of nail stickers. To brush up your skills, check out these helpful tips:

  • Always start with a dry base manicure. Stickers won’t adhere to wet polish. Instead, they’ll lift and eventually fall off.
  • Don’t lift stickers with your fingers. Instead, use tweezers to lift decals. The oil from your fingers can reduce adhesiveness.
  • Gently place stickers on nails before pressing down. Only secure the decal in place with pressure when your client is happy with the decal placement.
  • For long or large stickers, smooth out air bubbles by pressing the sticker down from bottom to top.
  • If need be, trim the sticker edges. You don’t want decals to hang off the nail bed, as this may lead to the entire sticker falling off.
  • After placement, apply one layer of topcoat polish. This seals and protects the nail sticker. It also helps manicures last longer!

Are Nail Stickers Easy to Remove?

Yes—in fact, simple should be synonymous with nail decals. Removing nail stickers is just as easy as applying them. Most nail decals come off with nail polish remover. Alternatively, soaking nails in acetone for 10 minutes does the trick too! Tell clients to use either method for removal. And for stubborn stickers, use a cuticle pusher to lift and remove them.

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10 Nail Sticker and Color Combos To Recommend to Your Clients

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