2021 Nail Color Trends To Get You Through Winter

2021 Nail Color Trends To Get You Through Winter

2021 Nail Color Trends To Get You Through Winter

Winter is quickly approaching. And in the wintertime, the next best thing for your nails aside from hydrating cuticle oil or petroleum jelly is nail polish. Yes, nail polish is actually good for your nails during the drier, chillier months! Because the frigid, moistureless air tends to dry out your nails quickly, the polish acts as a shield against peeling and cracking. No more painful fractures, no more boring nails, and, best yet, with so many colors to choose from, you’ll have something to look forward to all winter long. From breaking up the monotony to riding out a blizzard to celebrating a snow day, we’ve compiled a list of 2021’s nail color trends to get you through the winter.

Wintertime Color Trends

Gone are summer’s airy neutrals and bold turquoises, pinks, and yellows. Here to stay (for the next few months) with the new bird are rich jewel tones, shimmery golds and silvers, and moody neutrals. Unique shades of evergreen and sage create a refreshing twist on classic holiday greens. Gloomy blues and grays look fabulous when paired with a cozy cashmere sweater or plaid wrap. Love the look of dazzling jewelry in the candlelight but don’t have the budget for that sort of thing? Apply a shimmering coat of gold or rose gold to your nails and enjoy the glisten amongst candles and twinkling lights. From mirror-like chrome to regal reds, here is our list of 2021’s nail color trends to get you through the winter.

Neutral Greens

Darker, moodier shades of green are forecast to be all the rage this winter. Think evergreen manis to commemorate your trip to the Christmas tree farm. Your nails will look stunning next to that fresh pine tree, wreath, or garland.

Classic Taupe

Taupe is neutral enough to go with any chunky knit sweater and classic enough to look elegant at holiday parties. This versatile shade will be a hit this winter. Want to wear it more than once? We don’t think anyone will mind.

Rich Reds

From deep merlots to classic cherry reds, red is a vibrant and sophisticated color that stands out beautifully against the snow. Match your fingernails with winter berries and feel reconnected with nature.

Silver and Gold

From holographic silvers to mirror-like chrome and shimmery gold, metallic colors do a beautiful job of capturing winter’s glowing lights and glistening ice. You can’t go wrong with these classic colors—especially on New Year’s Eve.


Match your nails with the snow or those marshmallows you’re roasting over the fire. From matte white to pearl, your nails will look extra sophisticated.

Pretty Pinks

Light pink, dusty rose, and other shades make cheerful yet delicate statements. They also bring a breath of fresh air in anticipation of the tender colors of spring. You don’t have to be a girly-girl to enjoy subtle shades of pink on your fingers or toes. Even a nearly nude shade of pink is enough to be highly stylish this winter.

Royal Purples

Capture the magic of winter twilight with shimmery shades of purple. Rich, royal purples are forecast to be extra popular this winter, either as solid colors or with sparkles attached. These colors are great for any holiday party, especially since they bring something a little different than usual to the table.

Sage Green

Complement your cup of green tea with a gorgeous shade of sage or tea green. Pretty enough to carry you into spring, these refreshing shades are just plain stunning. They’re a unique twist on shocking shades of green so commonly associated with the holidays, making sage and tea green the perfect soothing alternative.


From moody grayish blues to rich midnight blues and vibrant cobalt blues, winter is the best season for blue manicures and pedicures. Whether you want to match the beauty of a snowy night or cozy up with something a bit more muted, blue polish will be a classic all winter long.

Tips for Winter Manicures

When giving yourself a manicure or pedicure this winter season, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a beautiful yet healthy mani/pedi.

  1. Invest in a quality product. You don’t want to coat your precious nails in anything less than quality. If you’re into powder dips, consider something from an established brand, like DND dip powders.
  2. Remove dead skin cells prior to painting. Prepare your nails for their beauty treatment by removing dead skin cells and creating a shine-free surface. You can do this by gently buffing your nails with a file.
  3. Hydrate first and hydrate after. Before you start painting your nails, give them a good soak and hydrate them with cuticle oil, Aquaphor, or petroleum jelly. You can even use coconut oil.
  4. Use a base coat and a topcoat. Protect your nails from the chemicals in your gel, powder dip, or regular nail polish by using a base coat first. Then, after you apply your primary color, coat your nails with a topcoat. This will keep your polish in place for a longer period of time, prevent chipping and cracking, and add an extra dose of shine to your manicure or pedicure.

The Importance of Hydration

Winter air is exceptionally dry and can really do a number on your nails. Even though nail polish protects them from the chill, it’s important to continually hydrate your nails (and the rest of your body) during the winter months. Start by drinking more water to ensure that your body as a whole is hydrated. Then, give your nails—and your hands and feet—an extra dose of moisture by applying cuticle or coconut oil on the skin around your nails. Apply moisturizer every time you wash your hands and give your hands or feet the royal treatment at least once per week by applying petroleum jelly or a rich cream and letting your skin absorb the moisture overnight. Your hands and feet will thank you, and your manicure and pedicure will look even more beautiful on healthy, hydrated hands.

2021 Nail Color Trends To Get You Through Winter


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