4 Beautiful Nude Nail Polish Colors To Try Next

4 Beautiful Nude Nail Polish Colors To Try Next

4 Beautiful Nude Nail Polish Colors To Try Next

Nude nails are far from boring. Although they’re simple, the shades are undeniably gorgeous. Plan your next manicure with pleasant shades. For inspiration, check out these four beautiful nude nail polish colors to try next.

How To Choose the Right Nude Polish

There are no one-size-fits-all nude polishes. Fortunately, you can find the right polish based on your skin tone. People with fair skin should try polishes with pink and peachy hues to enhance their rosy undertones. Individuals with olive and dark skin look great with gray and dusty-pink undertones.

It’s best to look for shades that enhance your natural beauty and complement your skin tone. And don’t be afraid to try different polishes!

Soft Beige

When people think of nude nail polish, they usually picture soft beige with its light pink and yellow undertones. Though it’s subtle, soft beige is undeniably gorgeous. It works with any outfit and occasion! Soft beige is the way to go if you’re looking for the “neutral” nude out of the bunch.

Taupe Brown

Taupe brown is a nude nail polish color to try next, especially for those with dark, olive-tone skin. This has gray undertones and offers a beautiful yet neutral appearance. Taupe complements many aesthetics, as the subtle look doesn’t overpower nails. It’s important to note that taupe brown is on the darker end of the nude spectrum, but it’s a pleasant shade for nail lovers!

Light Peach

Light peach is an interesting shade because it belongs to the nude and pastel family. Consider the shade as orange-pink or yellowish-orange color. It’s perfect for anyone interested in polish with a sherbet undertone. The unique polish is a springtime shade that pays homage to the light and subtle hues. It’s a must-have color for the upcoming season, so don’t pass up this awesome shade!

Soft Pink

We consider soft pink as a “nude” shade on the color scale, especially for those with light skin. Depending on the polish, the shade has mauve-like undertones that look attractive on all nails. The shade is great for anyone interested in a subtle manicure with a pop of color. Soft pink is simple, gorgeous, and another must-try shade.

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