4 Chic Nail Colors That Work With Every Outfit

4 Chic Nail Colors That Work With Every Outfit

4 Chic Nail Colors That Work With Every Outfit

From the workplace to night clubs, look good for any occasion with the right nail color. Finding a versatile polish hue is easier than you think. Discover the four chic nail colors that work with every outfit, and select one of these shades for your next manicure.


Black is never out of style. Achieve a sophisticated and chic manicure with black nail polish. The deep shade is edgy and matches any outfit. Some people steer clear of black nails because they assume the hue is too gothic. However, that’s far from true. Dark manicures can work on any occasion, and they demand attention! Turn heads with a lovely set of nails.


Nude is another chic nail color that works with every outfit. Nude is a neutral color that’s extremely versatile because it offers a classy and elegant look. There are several nude shades, and you can select a polish that pairs with your skin tone. For instance, light nude nails look great on people with medium and darker complexions. They let your nails stand out with a glossy appearance. Nude is an all-around good shade for any time of year!

Blush Pink

For those interested in a subtle pop of color, blush pink nails are the way to go. The light pink shade pairs with any outfit and occasion. Blush pink is similar to your natural nail color, and it’s a gorgeous polish shade. This polish color is modern and stylish. The best part is that it works with all skin tones! Rock a cute manicure and enjoy the neutral appearance. To enhance your manicure, choose unique nail shapes like arrowhead or oval.


Burgundy is a reddish-purple or reddish-brown shade inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France. The deep hue is beautiful and surprisingly versatile! Though you can rock a burgundy manicure year-round, this shade is a Fall and Winter staple. It pairs well with cozy outfits and blends with various colors. Also, the timeless shade looks amazing in any manicure format. Try matte burgundy nails for a sophisticated look, or get a gel set for a glossy finish. You’ll look great either way!

Honorable Mentions

Besides our top four polishes, various shades look great with different outfits too. If you’re interested in more colors, check out our honorable mentions:

  • Chocolate brown
  • White
  • Olive green
  • Gray
  • Lilac
  • Navy blue

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