5 Fun and Trendy Ways To Apply Nail Charms

5 Fun and Trendy Ways To Apply Nail Charms

5 Fun and Trendy Ways To Apply Nail Charms

Showcase your personality and upgrade your manicure with nail charms. With awesome selections, like crystals, gems, and rhinestones, you have the creative freedom to create a fantastic nail look. If you need inspiration, take a look at these five fun and trendy ways to apply nail charms.

Rhinestones Assorted Into Triangles

Assorting rhinestones into the shape of a triangle is a unique nail design you should try. It adds a geometric element to your manicure, and it’s an overall fun look! You can use gold or silver rhinestones to make your manicure stand out.

Accent Nail With Crystals

Accent nails are the perfect way to customize your manicure. This simple design element can showcase your personality and take your nails to the next level. Select your preferred nail, and place nail crystals on top. You can choose an assortment of crystals, like pink or rose gold, and make different designs. For example, try arranging the crystals into the shapes of flowers, hearts, or diamonds.

Themed Manicure With Charms

Themed manicures are fun because you can take inspiration from a concept and create a unique nail look. For example, if you want a candy theme, you can start with a bright polish base (bubblegum pink or powder blue). Then, you can add lollipop or candy nail charms.

You can take inspiration from the season or upcoming holidays for theme ideas.

Polka Dots With Assorted Crystals

Polka dots nails are one of the classic manicure art designs because they’re simple yet spunky. Instead of using polish to create dots on your nails, you can use assorted crystals. Doing so will give your manicure a shimmery look with a 3D effect. You can select an accent nail to apply the crystals or place them on the entire manicure. The choice is up to you!

Outline Nails With Gems

Have you ever thought of outlining your nails with gemstones? This is another trendy look you can achieve with a variety of small gems. Place the gems around the border of your nails to accomplish the “outline” look. And you will have a unique and fun manicure!

After looking at these five fun and trendy ways to apply nail charms, we encourage you to try some of the design options! And if you’re searching for nail stones for sale, look no further. Nail Company Wholesale Supply has a great selection of products. Browse our website today.


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