5 Must-Have Professional Waxing Supplies

5 Must-Have Professional Waxing Supplies

5 Must-Have Professional Waxing Supplies

Wax treatments have been a go-to solution to unwanted facial and body hair for centuries. But for a treatment to be successful, you’ll need the proper equipment. Learn about these five must-have professional waxing supplies before you go for a treatment, or try one at home.

Pre- and Post-Care Products

Preparing the skin before and soothing it after a wax treatment is a critical part of the process. Pre-wax skin cleansers ensure the wax adheres to the hair properly and reduces the likelihood of after-effects like pimples, redness, and ingrown hair, or a feeling of tight skin.

Post-wax lotions remove any remaining wax residue and decrease the risk of infection. They also alleviate that sticky feeling that can remain after a wax treatment.

Quality Wax

The quality of the wax is of paramount importance. Whether using hard or soft wax, the ingredients, and the purity of the ingredients, are essential factors. Check ingredients to ensure the wax you use contains natural resins and soothers like coconut or olive oil, honey, or botanicals. Hard wax has a higher melting point, and the technique used to remove hair is different depending on the wax you use.

Hard wax adheres to just the hair, and you don’t need a strip to pull it off. Soft wax adheres to both hair and skin and requires a strip to be applied and pulled off. Preparing the skin with a pre-wax oil to protect it when using hard wax is important; soft wax is also a form of exfoliation and takes dead skin cells with it when the muslin strip is pulled off. Estheticians typically use soft wax for larger areas and hard wax for more sensitive areas.


Wax spatulas or wooden sticks (sort of like tongue depressors) spread the wax on the area where hair is to be removed. Applicators may have curved or straight edges. The straight-edged type makes it easier to create precise definitions of the hairline on brows or in the bikini area.

Wax Heater

A professional depilatory wax warmer is essential for a proper wax treatment. Choose a warmer with temperature control to ensure you won’t overheat the wax, which could cause burns. Hard wax must be heated to a higher temperature than soft wax, so care and caution are necessary to avoid injury. Wax heaters, or “pots,” must be cleaned and sterilized between each use to avoid “double-dipping,” which could spread germs and infection.

Powder or Oil

A pre-wax powder absorbs excess skin oil prior to using soft wax and helps make sure that soft wax adheres more to the hair than to the skin. Pre-wax oil for hard wax treatments both protects and conditions the skin to minimize irritation.

Whether you’re waxing at home or visiting a salon for treatment, be sure you or your salon have the five must-have professional waxing supplies. Pay attention to cleanliness, sterilization techniques, and the type of wax used. Be prepared with pre- and post-wax skin treatments, and don’t wax over irritated skin or breakouts. Wait until your skin is clear and you can cleanse, protect, and treat it without additional irritation before and after waxing.


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