5 Nail Art Tips and Tricks To Know About

5 Nail Art Tips and Tricks To Know About

5 Nail Art Tips and Tricks To Know About

Fingernails have become canvases for personal expression. Nail art continues to evolve with more colors, patterns, and styles to create interest and beauty. We’ve got five nail art tips and tricks to know about that will help you create expressive designs for your nails.

Create Perfect Half-Moons

A quick, creative hack for nail art is to use ring binder reinforcement stickers to create a perfect half-moon shape on your nails. Simply place the stickers at the base of your nails, which will leave an uncovered, perfectly half-moon-shaped space at the tip of your nail. Paint that space with the color of your choice, and then peel off the stickers! You’ll have an interesting variation on a classic French manicure that’s a little more vibrant than the classic natural and white combination on the nail.

Use Tape To Create Stripes and Crosshatch Patterns

Apply a light base coat and let it dry thoroughly. Then cut some short lengths of clear tape and stick and un-stick them to the back of your hand a few times to make them a little less gluey-sticky feeling. Place a strip of tape firmly on your nail on a diagonal, and paint over the nail with a darker shade than your base coat. Gently lift the tape to reveal a stripe of your original lighter base coat color and allow it to dry.

Make Polka Dots With a Bobby Pin

Use the round ball shape at the tip of a bobby pin to create polka dots in a contrasting color to your base coat. Vary the size of your polka dots by using the tip of a pen or the head of a pin for smaller dots.

Try Nail Transfer Foil

For intricate designs and beautiful, colorful patterns, try nail art transfer foil. These come in a dazzling array of varieties, including florals, abstracts, and patterns. Be sure to prepare your nails as instructed with a thoroughly dry base coat of clear or neutral polish and then a layer of nail foil transfer gel or glue. Press your chosen pattern of foil firmly down onto the glue, and press out any wrinkles or buckles. Then lift the foil off to reveal the pattern on your nails. Finish with the recommended topcoat.

Add Glitter or Faux Gems

Pick up a rhinestone with an eyebrow or lip pencil and place it where you want it on a not-quite-dry nail. Or add some glitter to clear nail polish and apply as usual, or paint your nails with a base coat of non-toxic, washable school glue and top the glue with glitter polish. It will be easy to scrape off when it’s time for a change.

These are just five nail art tips and tricks to know about: the Internet is full of even more creative ideas to jazz up your nails and create new works of art literally at the tips of your fingers.


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