5 Quick Tips for Cleaning Nail Drill Bits

5 Quick Tips for Cleaning Nail Drill Bits

5 Quick Tips for Cleaning Nail Drill Bits

The essential parts of electronic files are the drill bits. After all, they shape and trim nails. To maintain the tools, it’s important to care for them. Read these five quick tips for cleaning nail drill bits and never deal with dirty tools again!

Wipe Nail Drill Bits To Remove Dust

While using electric files during manicures, it’s impossible to eliminate dust. Fortunately, post-manicure maintenance helps! After each use, thoroughly wipe nail drill bits with a soft brush or cloth. This gets rid of dust build-up and prepares the drill bit for the next manicure.

Clean Nail Drill Bits With Soapy Water

An easy way to clean drill bits is with soapy water. Combine soap and warm water in a bowl, then wash the drill bits. Additionally, you can add bleach to the bowl to act as a disinfecting agent. The liquids remove dirt and residue on the drill bits.

Use Acetone To Disinfect Nail Drill Bits

Another quick tip for cleaning nail drill bits is to disinfect them with acetone. This substance is a strong disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria quickly. It also dissolves leftover nail products like acrylic, dip powder, and gel polish.

Soak the drill bits for five to ten minutes in a bowl of acetone. Avoid soaking the drill bits for longer than the recommended time, as the liquid will erode the tool, causing it to rust.

For an alternative disinfectant method, you can use isopropyl alcohol or Barbicide, a potent sterilizing agent.

Use a Wire Brush for Indented Cutting Flutes

Some drill bits have flutes and tiny crevices that trap dust and dirt. It’s challenging to remove residue without a special brush. Use a wire brush to clean indented cutting flutes and sanitize the crevices. Place the brush in acetone or isopropyl alcohol, then wipe down the indented flutes.

Allow the Nail Bits To Dry Completely

Over time, metal tools rust. Water and moisture speed up the rust and corrosion process. After cleaning and disinfecting drill bits, let the tools dry completely before storing them. Wipe the drill bits with a dry cloth and place them on a towel. When the tools are dry, place them in their designated storage area.

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