5 Reasons Your Gel Polish Is Peeling Off Your Acrylics

5 Reasons Your Gel Polish Is Peeling Off Your Acrylics

5 Reasons Your Gel Polish Is Peeling Off Your Acrylics

The last thing you want to experience with your acrylic set is gel polish peeling. Fortunately, we have some culprits of this occurrence. Read these five reasons your gel polish is peeling off your acrylics for more information.

Not Properly Cured

One of the main reasons gel polish peels is improper curing. Gel polish relies on UV or LED lamps to complete manicures. Old lamps with faulty lightbulbs aren’t strong enough to cure your nails. Reassess your curing times if you have a new lamp and are experiencing issues. Generally, you should leave your hand under the lamps for 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the polish. Removing your hand before recommended curing times will affect your nails.

Nail Surface Is Too Smooth

A smooth nail surface isn’t ideal for a gel manicure. Essentially, if your nail surface is too smooth, the polish won’t properly adhere. To combat a shiny surface, don’t buff your nail tips too much. Leave some roughness for the best result. Doing so will prolong the lifespan of your manicure.

There Is Oil on Your Hands

Soap, cuticle oil, and lotion moisturize your hands. If present before a gel manicure, oil and excess moisture will reduce the polish bond, making it easy to peel off. Rinsing your hands before the manicure is fine because it wipes away dust. However, please avoid washing with soap or applying moisturizers.

Polish Coats Are Too Thick

A major reason why your gel polish is peeling off your acrylics is that the polish coats are too thick. Understandably, a characteristic of gel polish is that it’s thicker than regular polish and dip powder. However, you must brush on thin coats of polish to avoid thick layers. Failing to apply thin coats will affect the curing process, as your nails will not properly cure. As a result, the gel polish will peel off quickly.

Failing To Prevent Nail Chips

After a manicure, it’s essential to take care of your hands. Don’t pick at your nails, and avoid scraping them against hard surfaces. A surefire way to chip gel off your acrylics is to do things like using your nails to open cans or boxes. Additionally, biting your fingers or scratching your cuticles will hinder the manicure. Ultimately, it’s best to do your part in preventing nail chips.

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