5 Tips To Pick the Perfect Nail Polish Color

5 Tips To Pick the Perfect Nail Polish Color

5 Tips To Pick the Perfect Nail Polish Color

Picking the right nail polish can be challenging at times. There are tons of colors and hues to choose from, and you may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Check out our five tips to pick the perfect nail polish color today!

Think About the Season

You can select the right nail polish color based on the season. By choosing complementing colors, you can stay on-trend and try various shades throughout the year. During the winter, warm and dark shades are popular, and pretty pastel colors look great in the spring. Bright neon and fun colors work in the summer, and we recommend neutrals in the fall. You can incorporate different nail designs to elevate your manicure during any season!

Look at the Latest Trends

An easy way to choose the perfect polish color is by looking at the latest trends. Pay attention to trending colors in magazines, websites, or celebrities. You can select the polish colors you like and tailor them to your style. Perhaps deep English green is trending. You can wear that color with designs that complement your aesthetic. Maybe you’re a bright and spunky person. Add a layer of sparkle polish to take your manicure to the next level.

What’s the Occasion?

Are you getting your nails done for an event or holiday? If so, think about a color that will match the occasion. For example, festive colors like red, blue, and green trend during the holidays. Dark and neutral colors pair well with other occasions, like cocktail parties and special dinners. If you’re attending multiple events, you can opt for a classic French tip manicure or a solid basic color.

What Color Complements Your Skin Tone?

A cool thing about nail polish is that you can match it to your skin tone. Various colors complement different skin tones, making your manicure stand out. If you’re wondering what colors to consider, here is a quick guide:

  • Fair skin: Red, peach, orange, and pastel nail polish colors work best.
  • Medium or olive skin: Nudes, pink, purple, and sky blue will look great.
  • Dark skin: Deep reds, beige, and bright pinks are amazing on this skin tone.

Choose Colors That You Like

Ultimately, you should base your nail color choice on your preferences. Choose the colors you like, and feel free to play with different designs. You can even start your own trend and encourage others to try your favorite colors as well.

Selecting the right nail polish color is challenging. However, there is a way to choose the right color for you. We hope our five tips for picking the perfect nail polish color were helpful. If you’re interested in purchasing OPI nail polish in bulk or other nail accessories, browse through our selection of products today!


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