5 Types of Nail Art Techniques You Should Try

5 Types of Nail Art Techniques You Should Try

5 Types of Nail Art Techniques You Should Try

You don’t have to book a nail appointment to achieve a trendy manicure. All it takes is some skill and a few tools to look great. If you’re interested, check out these five types of nail art techniques you should try today!

Nail Art Stickers

Using nail art stickers is one of the easiest nail art techniques you can do any day! All you must do is place the sticker on your nails! Take a basic manicure and elevate it with this simple technique. Additionally, you can purchase nail art stickers online and find fantastic designs that fit your style.

The Sponge Technique

If you’re a fan of ombre nails, the sponge technique is definitely something you should try! First, apply a base coat of polish on your nails and let them dry. Then, take a sponge, swipe two shades of polish on one side, and dab it onto your nails. This will create an ombre effect, as you will see hints of the base coat with the additional polish shades on your nails.

Taping Method

The taping method is great for creating various designs and shapes on your nails. For this, you need to apply a base coat and let it dry. Then, cut tiny pieces of tape according to your desired design and place the pieces on your nails. Next, take a different polish color and paint your nails with it. After letting the polish dry, gently remove the tape to uncover a unique design!

Splatter Nails

If you’re looking for something on the artistic side, splatter nails are the perfect thing for you. Start with a base coat (preferably white), and then use a fan brush to apply different nail polish colors to your nails. You can also use a toothbrush to achieve the same splatter effect.

Pro-tip: Avoid nail polish colors bleeding together by letting one polish dry before applying another color.


Stenciling is a simple nail art technique that will enhance your manicure in no time! Start with a simple base coat, and then place a nail stencil over your nails. Take your preferred nail polish and paint over the stencil to create a cool design. Afterward, you can apply a clear topcoat to complete this cool nail look.

We hope our five types of nail art techniques you should try can give you inspiration for your next manicure. If you’re looking for nail art products like decal stickers, gems, and powders, you should head to Nail Company Wholesale Supply. We have everything you need for a fantastic manicure!

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