5 Unique Nail Trends for Weddings in 2022

5 Unique Nail Trends for Weddings in 2022

5 Unique Nail Trends for Weddings in 2022

Are you a bride looking for lovely nail ideas? Or are you a part of a bridal party interested in finding cute manicures? Nail Company Wholesale Supply is here to help no matter who you are! Get ideas by checking out these five unique nail trends for weddings in 2022.

Glass-Like Nails

Glass-like nails are becoming a big hit this year because they’re undeniably chic and stunning! Created by manicurist Eunkyung Park, glass nails use small cuts of holographic nail foil to imitate the appearance of glass shards. Like the layout of a stained-glass window, this nail design can give off an iridescent look. Additionally, as an alternative to glass shard nails, people also apply nail tips (without acrylic polish) to achieve a clear, glass-like nail design.

Curved French Tips

This year, curved tips are popular instead of the straight French tip nail design! The deep-arched tip allows the design to extend lower on the nail, creating a unique spin on this classic nail look. Curved French tips are simple yet beautiful and look amazing for any bridal party!

Gold Geometric Lines

Geometric nail art is another trend making waves in the wedding scene. It’s creative, bold, and has an overall cool look! Many color choices exist, but the most popular one is gold this year. Gold lines complement gold wedding rings and make any manicure stand out. If you’re interested in this look, start with a white or nude manicure, then add gold line nail stickers.

Baby Pink Nails

One of the best things about baby pink nails is that they’re soft and subtle. And you can try different designs with this manicure. For example, you can add gems and rhinestones, shimmery topcoat polish, or French tips to customize your nail look.

Gold Foil Highlights

If you’re interested in accentuating a manicure, try gold foil highlights. They add a pop of color and shimmer to your nails. And you can alter the foil to achieve various nail designs. For example, you can make an accent nail with the foils or place them on the tips of your manicured nails. Ultimately, you have complete creative freedom with this look!

After reading about five unique nail trends for weddings in 2022, you may be interested in nail looks with foils and want to purchase nail foil rolls wholesale. If so, please consider Nail Company Wholesale Supply. We have an awesome design and color selection fit for any occasion! Your manicure will look fantastic with this design element.


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