5 Ways To Give Your Nails a Spring Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Nails a Spring Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Nails a Spring Makeover

It’s time to spring into a new season and renew your nail game. Even practicing simple nail care can be enough to rejuvenate your nails from those long winter months. Check out these five ways to give your nails a spring makeover and help them flourish this season.

Hydrate Your Hands

One of the ways to give your nails a spring makeover is to restore your hands. Wintertime can dehydrate your hands and affect the delicate skin around your nailbeds. Invest in a moisturizing hand salve or cream to nourish your hands back to a soft touch for spring.

Trim and File

Just like a haircut, your nails may also need a trim. Unclipped nails are prone to collecting dirt and debris under them, preventing a clean “canvas” to paint on. Be sure to clean your nails with quality nail clippers and smooth the edges with a nail file to complete the job.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Consider cuticle oil to help your nails bloom in spring. Cuticle oil is essential if your goal is to have stronger, longer, and healthier nails with the infusion of vitamin E and protein. Massage cuticle oil into your nail beds to hydrate them and stimulate growth.

Apply a Base Coat

Even if you forego nail polish, your spring makeover can still benefit from a base coat. Base coats often contain an infusion of vitamin E and calcium to protect and enhance your nails. If you opt for polish, your base coat will protect your nails from stains and help the nail polish last longer.

Explore Pastel Colors

As we retire from winter’s silver and gold colors, it’s time to explore a pastel spring pallet, such as the iGel Spring Pastel Powder Bundle. Next to florals; pastel colors are the ultimate spring aesthetic. If vibrant colors are more your vibe for spring, explore our collection to buy OPI gel nail polish colors that come in shades like fuchsia and coral to give your nails that pop of spring color.

We hope these tips help refresh your nail game for the spring season. Continue treating your nails through the warmer months by exploring the rest of our Spring Bundles collection at Nail Company Wholesale Supply today!


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