5 Ways To Keep Your Nail Dip Powder Sanitary

5 Ways To Keep Your Nail Dip Powder Sanitary

5 Ways To Keep Your Nail Dip Powder Sanitary

Sanitary practices are essential for all nail looks. Avoid cross-contamination and ensure a quality manicure every time. Check out these five ways to keep your nail dip powder sanitary and implement these techniques today!

Always Start With Clean Hands

Washing your hands gets rid of germs and bacteria on your skin and nail beds. When you’re working with dip powder, it’s necessary to start with clean hands to prevent powder contamination. After all, you don’t want to transfer germs from your nails to the powder and ruin the product. Additionally, it’s important to dry your hands before starting the manicure. Any moisture present inside the jar can enable bacteria growth.

Be Mindful of Dip Powder Users

Dipping your nails in a personal jar of dip powder is safer than allowing various people to use the product. If you plan on giving other people manicures, then be mindful of their hands. You shouldn’t dip their nails in the jar if you notice signs of nail infections like red or swollen nail beds, discoloration, or pus.

Consider the Pour-Over Method

A smart way to keep your nail dip powder sanitary is to consider the pour-over method. This technique includes pouring the dip powder onto your nails and brushing the excess product away. You avoid dipping your finger inside the powder jar. In order to contain the mess, keep a small bowl below your fingers to catch the fallen dip powder.

After you collect the excess product, place it in a separate bowl and repeat the pour-over technique. Doing so prevents you from wasting the dip powder, and you can efficiently complete your manicure.

Separate the Dip Powder

Instead of dipping your nail inside the jar, you should separate the dip powder and pour some of the product into a small container. You can place your nails inside the container instead of the entire jar. This prevents nail residue from contaminating the jar, keeping your product safe.

Always Avoid the “Double-Dip”

As previously mentioned, separating the dip powder prevents you from contaminating the entire product jar. Additionally, it’s critical that you avoid the “double-dip” with this technique. After you complete a manicure with the separated powder, discard the remaining product. Don’t pour it back inside the original dip powder jar. You don’t want to risk cross-contamination!

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