A Quick Guide to Monomer and Polymer for Nails

A Quick Guide to Monomer and Polymer for Nails

A Quick Guide to Monomer and Polymer for Nails

There’s a large list of nail terminology that you can review. However, we break down two terms regarding acrylic nails. Read this quick guide to monomer and polymer for nails for more information!

Understanding Liquid Monomers

Monomer is a molecule that adheres to other molecules to form a polymer. Monomers are composed of ethyl methacrylate (EMA) and other monomer additives. Monomers are known as the “liquid” for acrylic sets. Furthermore, this liquid pairs with nail polymers to create a paste-like texture that forms long-lasting acrylic manicures. When you purchase monomers, they typically have a purple tint. It also has UV inhibitors that protect nail polymers from yellowing or other discoloration.

Types of Monomers

There are different types of monomers you can select based on your preference. Normal monomers are popular because the hardening process takes two to three minutes. Competition monomers dry the fastest (hence the name “competition”). Slow-setting monomers’ hardening process takes more than three minutes. Slow-setting is great for beginner nail technicians or at-home manicures. Lastly, odorless monomers are popular choices because they don’t emit a strong smell!

What Is Nail Polymer?

Nail polymer is a powder with an acrylic base. When you combine it with liquid monomer, the chemical reaction creates a paste you can use to sculpt nails. Nail polymer is commonly known as acrylic or dip powder. The product is necessary for all acrylic sets, and it’s available in various colors.

Common Polymer Nail Art Colors

Although polymers come in many colors, there are shades that nail technicians use for nail art. Check out the common colors:

  • Peach is a natural tone for light designs.
  • White is for french manicures.
  • Light white is for a natural-looking french manicure.
  • Pink imitates natural nails, and it’s great for sharp lines.
  • Crystal pink is good for sculpting nails while creating a base for french manicures.

Important Precautions

While you’re using liquid monomers and nail polymers, allergic reactions can occur. It’s important to handle both products with care and avoid skin contact. Essentially, the products should only touch nails. If allergic reactions occur, remove the products!

Get the Right Products

After taking a look at the guide to monomer and polymer for nails, you can purchase both products knowing some background information. If you’re interested in acrylic sets, you can create the best manicures with Kiara Sky all-in-one powder today!


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