A Simple Way To Get Chrome Nails Without Gel Polish

A Simple Way To Get Chrome Nails Without Gel Polish

A Simple Way To Get Chrome Nails Without Gel Polish

Switch up your manicure style with chrome nails. They’re trendy, chic, and easy to apply. And before you search for gel polish, don’t worry about it. We have a simple way to get chrome nails without gel polish that you should follow. Get ready for fantastic nails in no time!

Why Choose Chrome Nails?

As seen on the biggest stars like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya, chrome nails resurge into the beauty scene. This metallic and reflective nail look is trendy and eye-catching. It has a futuristic vibe that makes the manicure pop! If you’re interested in enhancing your nail game, chrome nails are the way to go. And the best thing about this nail look is that you don’t need gel polish. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this look.

Get the Look Now

This nail look requires the same process of applying dip powder nails because you need metallic chisel dip powder instead of gel polish. Start with clean, clipped, and buff nails, and then apply a base coat. Place each individual nail into the dip powder and gently shake off the excess powder. Afterward, activate the manicure by applying a liquid activator for dip nails. Finish the look with a glossy topcoat!

Cool Ways To Rock Chrome Nails

Of course, a simple chrome manicure is an attention-grabber. But there are additional ways to enhance your manicure. Here are some cool ways to rock chrome nails:

  • Add green, blue, and purple sparkles to a black chrome manicure to achieve a galaxy look.
  • Use a rhinestone or gem to create an accent nail on your ring finger.
  • Achieve a French-style manicure with chrome tips.
  • Use gold or silver nail foils to create a marble-like look.
  • Choose a stiletto- or coffin-shaped nail for a unique manicure.

Now that you understand a simple way to get chrome nails without gel polish, you will achieve awesome manicures! If you’re interested in purchasing nail materials like prep tools, stickers, and other items, please consider Nail Company Wholesale Supply as your supplier! We have everything you need. Browse our selection of items today.


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