Common Nail Polish Application Mistakes To Avoid

Common Nail Polish Application Mistakes To Avoid

Common Nail Polish Application Mistakes To Avoid

What can go wrong with a basic manicure or pedicure? Well, a lot of accidents can happen. Fortunately, there are simple ways to combat mishaps. Read about these common nail polish application mistakes to avoid so that you can improve your nail game!

Forgetting the Base Coat

The chemical properties in nail polish can stain your natural nails. Luckily, a base coat protects your nails from polish stains while providing a smooth surface for polish and nail art. A base coat is necessary for all nail looks, and it’s a step you should never miss!

Applying Too Much Nail Polish

A major nail polish application mistake to avoid is applying too much polish. Generally, two coats of polish do the trick. When you apply too many layers, the polish doesn’t dry properly and creates a “thick” appearance. When you use nail polish, thin and even coats produce the best results. To achieve deeper pigmentation, allow the first layer of polish to dry before adding another coat.

Using Q-Tips To Wipe Away Mistakes

Cosmetic mistakes happen, but it’s all about how you fix them. Typically, people use Q-tips to wipe away polish because the thin applicator is easy to maneuver. However, you should avoid using Q-tips for nail polish mistakes. The cotton will stick to your nails and leave excess fuzz. This ruins the appearance of the nail look and becomes a pain to remove. It’s best to use a small makeup brush dipped in polish remover to fix mishaps!

Skipping the Topcoat Polish

Like your base coat, don’t forget a topcoat polish. This polish “locks in” your manicure and creates a hard finish. The topcoat influences the longevity of your manicure and pedicure. Furthermore, it prevents chips and leaves a shiny finish. After the polish application, evenly apply the topcoat and wait until it’s dry. Doing so will complete your flawless nail look.

Rushing To Dry Nails

An easy way to ruin your nails is to rush the drying process. When you use a regular polish, it takes 20 minutes for manicures and pedicures to dry. Of course, gel manicures are the exception, as you need an LED or UV lamp to cure the nails. Generally, you should give yourself enough time to let your nail looks dry. This prevents smudging and promotes a long-lasting manicure or pedicure.

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