Curing Gel Polish: The Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

Curing Gel Polish: The Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

Curing Gel Polish: The Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

Curing gel polish is an essential step for all gel manicures. You have two nail lamp options that will successfully complete the nail look. Keep reading to learn the difference between UV and LED lamps.

Understanding UV Lamps

Curing lamps get their names based on the light the lamp emits. UV refers to emitting ultraviolet light, and it has a short wavelength that’s around 350 nanometers. This short wavelength contributes to the longer curing process for gel nails. You can expect a gel manicure to cure within 8 to 10 minutes with a UV lamp. Of course, this is faster than drying a traditional nail look, but it’s not faster than LEDs. UV lamps take longer to cure than LEDs, but they still provide an effective curing method.

Understanding LED Lamps

LED refers to a light-emitting diode lamp. Essentially, it emits light when an electrical current passes through the lamp. The wavelength for this lighting option is 365 nanometers (longer than UV). However, the curing process is shorter than with UV lamps. You can cure a gel manicure between 30 to 35 seconds with many LED lamps. This factor makes LEDs an attractive option for curing.

The Main Difference

When it comes to curing gel polish, many people want the lamp that cures the fastest. When assessing the nail lamp options, the significant difference between UV and LED lamps is the curing times. Simply put, LEDs cure faster than UV lamps because of the shorter (and narrower) wavelength.

Which Lamp Is Safer?

Some people stray from nail lamps because they believe exposure to the light rays can damage their skin. It’s important to understand that overexposure to rays can lead to damage, but there is little risk with LED and UV lamps. Both lamps emit small amounts of light rays, making them safe to use. Given that curing with LED is faster than UV, you may opt for a LED lamp to shorten contact.

The Lamp Salons Use

When you visit a nail salon, you’ll likely see LED lamps at their gel curing station. LEDs quickly cure nails, making the lamp ideal for clients and nail technicians. If you’re interested in doing your own gel manicures, you can use the Après Gel-X lamp to complete the look. This LED lamp can cure nails in 30 seconds! You can achieve a long-lasting and beautiful manicure with this incredible tool.


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