How Does Bonder Work for Gel Nail Polish?

How Does Bonder Work for Gel Nail Polish?

How Does Bonder Work for Gel Nail Polish?

The perfect gel manicure requires the right products, including bonder. The product promotes adhesion, but there’s more to the story. If you’re curious how bonder works for gel nail polish, keep reading to find out!

What Is Bonder?

Bonder is a UV gel-based solvent you apply directly to natural nails. It binds to keratin in your nail beds to create a strong bond between nails and gel polish. Bonder helps gel nail polish stick to your nails as they cure under UV light. Consider bonder as a primer and gel base rolled into one, as it enhances gel manicures. Bonder is acid-free, increasing adhesion to the nail plate.

What Is Bonder Made Of?

Bonder is a combination of different resins. Since the solvent supports adhesion, gel bonders contain resins that react to UV light to cure gel manicures. They are essential to these manicures because they create a strong “bond” between natural nails and polish.

Bonder vs. Primer

Many people place bonder in the same category as primer for acrylic nails. While both products enable adhesion, primer modifies the pH of nail beds and works to bond with the keratin in nail beds. Bonders don’t modify pH levels. Surprisingly, primer and bonder ingredients aren’t radically different from each other, so people see them as the same product. However, bonder is for gel manicures, and primer is for acrylic manicures.

When To Incorporate Bonder

Apply bonder before gel polish. After prepping your nails, brush on a layer of bonder. Then, use the UV light to cure the solvent for 30 seconds. Doing so ensures the polish sticks to your nail plate, so don’t miss this step!

Complete a Gel Manicure

After discovering how bonder works for gel nail polish, always incorporate this solvent into your manicure routine. If you’re interested in gel nails, you’re at the right place! Nail Company Wholesale Supply offer great products for manicures. We have OPI gel polish in shades like Red Hot Rio, Feel Bluetiful, and Mango For It. Create awesome nail looks with our help!

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