How Long Do Nail Art Crystals Stay on Your Nails?

How Long Do Nail Art Crystals Stay on Your Nails?

How Long Do Nail Art Crystals Stay on Your Nails?

Nail art crystals are wonderful additions to any manicure, and you may select a few crystals for your next nail appointment. However, you may ask, “How long do nail art crystals stay on your nails?” Fortunately, we have the answer along with some additional tips!

The Answer

When you visit a salon or nail technician, nail art crystals should last for at least two weeks. They use special glues that allow crystals to stay in place. However, you must maintain the nail art to avoid breakage. Avoid picking at the crystals or rubbing your nails against rugged surfaces because this will create friction, making the nail art crystals fall off.

How To Make Them Last

You can make nail art crystals last longer by following a few application processes. Here are some effective options:

  • Apply crystals with nail glue or resin. Nail glue and resin are powerful adhesives that set quickly. But you should avoid using too much glue to apply crystals because it can corrode the top of the gemstone.
  • Apply crystals with gel. This is one of the strongest methods because the gel can adhere to small and large nail art crystals. Since gel doesn’t harm synthetic crystals, you can soak off the stones when you want to remove them!

If you would rather choose a short-term option, you can apply the crystals with nail polish. This is ideal for people who frequently change their manicures.

Placement and Size Matter

When using nail art crystals, placement and size matter. It’s best to place crystals closer to the cuticle because your nails don’t flex in those areas. However, don’t get too close to the cuticle because it can touch your skin and cause irritation. In addition, when your nails grow out, it’s easier for the crystal to snag on things. It’s also important to note that if you put crystals on natural nails, stick with smaller stones because large ones can make natural nails bend, causing the crystal to pop off easier.

You can make your manicure pop with bling and color by adding nail art crystals. But before you select some stones, you may wonder how long nail art crystals stay on your nails. Hopefully, this quick guide and tips have answered your question. And if you’re searching for nails crystals for sale, you should look here at Nail Company Wholesale Supply. We have a great selection of crystals in many colors!


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