Keep It Organized: 5 Ways To Store Your Nail Polish

Keep It Organized: 5 Ways To Store Your Nail Polish


Keep It Organized: 5 Ways To Store Your Nail PolishOwning a collection of nail polish in a variety of colors is fun! However, the bottles can crowd your space and make things overwhelming. Luckily, there are five ways to store your nail polish you can choose from.

Wall-Mounted Rack

Don’t have desk or drawer space? No problem! A wall-mounted rack is a great storage option to choose. Select a wall (preferably away from direct sunlight) and install the holding rack. It’s an awesome and space-saving way to hold all your polishes. Depending on the rack, it can store up to 50 polish bottles, so there’s plenty of space to hold your collection!

Clear Polish Holder

If you have a small nail polish collection, consider a clear holder. The small size can fit on most desks or vanities! It’s a simple and sturdy solution to hold the products. The best part is that there is no assembly required. When you purchase the holder, sit it in the right spot and instantly store your polishes.

Polish Briefcase

When you think of a briefcase, you probably imagine someone storing paperwork and important files within. However, this case can store nail polish! The lightweight organizer has small dividers that allow you to place bottles in individual spaces. Keep in mind that this storage option is bulky, so find a good spot to store this organizer.

Rotating Cosmetic Holder

A rotating cosmetic holder is an excellent way to store your nail polish bottles while keeping them organized. During your visit to the nail salon, you may encounter a large rotating polish holder. You can think of this organizer as the downsized version of the one in salons. This 360-degree organizer is great for desks because you can spin it around to easily access your preferred polish.

Desk Storage Set

If you’re interested in a discreet storage method, use a desk storage set. This allows you to section your desk with small boxes and organize cosmetic products, and you can use one of the boxes for nail polish. This storage option follows a good storage practice. Storing bottles in a cool and dark place reduces the chances of polish degradation!

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