Make It Last: How To Apply Nail Stickers Like a Pro

Make It Last: How To Apply Nail Stickers Like a Pro

Make It Last: How To Apply Nail Stickers Like a Pro

One design element you can add to your nails is nail art stickers. They’re creative decal pieces that can match your nail look and aesthetic! However, just like any “sticker,” these design pieces can easily fall off if you apply them incorrectly. You may wonder how to make the nail art last. Fortunately, you can follow this guide on how to apply nail stickers like a pro for flawless application!

What Are Nail Stickers?

Nail stickers are small adhesive stickers that you apply to your manicure or pedicure. Nail stickers come in a wide variety of designs like animal print, flowers, letters, and fun shapes. People enjoy nail stickers because they add to manicures and pedicures without the arduous task of hand-painting intricate designs.

Do Nail Stickers Enhance Your Manicure or Pedicure?

People rave about nail stickers because they elevate manicures and pedicures. The intricate design of the sticker allows you to enhance your nails in an instant. Nail stickers are quick, easy, and look amazing on any manicure or pedicure! In addition, you can make any basic nail look appear more luxurious with professional nail art stickers.

Where To Apply Nail Art Stickers

Depending on your nail look, you can apply stickers in different areas. Many people place stickers on an accent nail or follow a theme for their entire manicure or pedicure. The season can also play a part in nail sticker placement and design. For example, in the spring or summertime, floral or colorful decals are popular choices. Adding small, delicate pieces of nail art to the tips of the nails can also create an eccentric yet cute look.

How To Apply Nail Stickers Like a Pro

Though placing a sticker on your nails may seem self-explanatory, there is a right and wrong way when it comes to proper application. Fortunately, this straightforward guide elaborates on the correct application process to help you achieve flawless results.

Start With Clean and Dry Nails

Regardless of whether you’re applying nail stickers to polished or bare nails, it’s essential to start with clean and dry nails. If your nail polish isn’t completely dry, the sticker will not adhere well, and it will even lift wet polish up from your nail. If you don’t dry bare nails, the natural oils from your nail’s surface can make the sticker move and slip off as well.

Apply a Basecoat

Paint your nails with a base coat or clear polish before applying nail art stickers. Like any other manicure or pedicure, a base coat provides a layer of protection between the polish and your natural nail. In this case, it gives your nails a smooth surface for the stickers to adhere to while preventing natural oils from making the stickers slip away. In addition, you should allow the base coat to dry completely before the application process!

Use Tweezers To Lift Stickers

To lift your nail stickers from the sheet to your nails, you should use clean tweezers instead of your hands. When you use your fingers to lift and apply stickers, you significantly reduce the product’s adhesiveness. Tweezers also give you better control of the sticker and allow you to place them on your nails accurately.

Gently Place the Sticker on Your Nails

When it’s time to apply your stickers, you must gently place them on your nails with the tweezers. Once you find your desired spot, you can press down the stickers with a silicone tool or lightly tap them down with your fingers. However, it’s best to use a silicone tool to smooth the sticker and remove air bubbles.

Smooth Out Long and Thin Stickers

For long and thin stickers, it’s especially important to take your time smoothing out the surface of the sticker and ease out any air bubbles. With the silicone tool, start smoothing from one direction and allow the air bubbles to leave the sticker. Failure to do this step will make your stickers lift or wrinkle.

Trim the Edges of Your Stickers

After applying any nail sticker, make sure it fits perfectly to your nails. If you’re applying stickers at the edge of your nails or on your nail beds, you don’t want excess material hanging off. Extra material can accidentally snag on clothes and rip the whole sticker off. Luckily, you can avoid this by trimming the sticker and making sure nothing hangs off the surface of your nails.

Finish With a Layer (or Two) of Topcoat

The last step for flawless nail sticker application is to finish with a layer (or two) of topcoat polish. This additional step will allow the stickers to stay in place and make your manicure or pedicure last longer. In addition, the topcoat “melts” the edges of the stickers, only leaving the design visible. This bit of blending improves the overall look of the nail design.

Answering Common Nail Art Sticker Questions

Nail art stickers are great additions to manicures and pedicures. However, there are many questions people have about the decals. Luckily, we have answers!

What Material Are Nail Art Stickers Made Of?

Nail art stickers are either a piece of plastic, vinyl, or printed paper material with an adhesive side. They come pre-cut on an adhesive sheet that people can easily lift each sticker from when they’re ready to place the designs on their nails.

How Long Do Nail Art Stickers Last?

By following the correct application method, nail art stickers can last between two to three weeks (the length of an average manicure or pedicure). Smart practices like avoiding scraping your nails or picking at the decals contribute to the sticker’s longevity.

What Shortens the Lifespan of Nail Stickers?

Excessive exposure to water or chlorine can shorten the lifespan of nail stickers. For instance, high levels of chlorine in swimming pools can disrupt the bonding of nail art stickers and your nails, causing them to peel off sooner.

How Do You Remove Nail Stickers?

Most nail art stickers come off with nail polish remover. When you’re removing your manicure or pedicure, the sticker will also come off. You can also try soaking your nails in acetone for ten minutes and gently lifting the nail stickers with a wooden cuticle tool.

Do Nail Stickers Damage Your Nails?

Nail art stickers do not damage your nails. However, applying a layer of base coat on your nails before adding stickers acts as an added protective step just in case. The base coat makes a protective layer that prevents the sticker from coming into contact with your natural nails.

Applying nail art stickers is challenging when you don’t know how. Use this guide on how to apply nail stickers like a pro as you get ready for your next nail look! If you’re interested in unique and versatile nail stickers, consider shopping our collection at Nail Company Wholesale Supply. We have a variety of stylish options that you can purchase today!

Make It Last: How To Apply Nail Stickers Like a Pro

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