Mani Tips That Will Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping

Mani Tips That Will Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping

Mani Tips That Will Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping

Perfecting your manicure skills is an art that takes time. You may have everything down packed but find yourself dealing with chips. Luckily, we’re here to help. Check out our mani tips that will prevent your nail polish from chipping. We have some beneficial advice that will help your nails look great in no time!

Common Cause of a Chipped Manicure

The most common issue that causes your manicure to chip is poor preparation of your natural nails. Failing to do things like filing, buffing, or cutting your nails before applying polish will significantly shorten your manicure’s lifespan.

15 Manicure Tips To Prevent Chipping

The frustration of finishing a perfect manicure to only have it chip a few hours later is real. You may wonder, “What happened?” or, “What can I do differently?” Fortunately, we have 15 manicure tips to prevent your nails from chipping. Check these out.

Wash Your Hands Before Applying Polish

Have you ever noticed how nail technicians ask you to wash your hands before applying nail polish? This is because your nails have natural oils that prevent nail polish from adhering correctly. Follow this same technique and wash your hands before applying a fresh coat of polish. This will make a big difference in your manicure.

File Your Nails in One Direction

If you treat filing your nail tips like a saw, then you’re making them more susceptible to breakage. The best way to get an even and strong shape is by gradually running the file across your nails in one direction. You begin filing at the outside edge of your nails and pull toward the center. At this time, you can also file them to your desired shape.

Don’t Forget To Buff Your Nails

Failure to buff your nails will make the natural oils in your nail beds build up. This can leave residue on your nails before you apply the polish. Therefore, it’s essential to buff your nails before a manicure. You can think of buffing like brushing your teeth. It keeps your nails bright, youthful, and smooth. So take some time to buff your beauties.

Exfoliate Your Cuticles

Exfoliating your cuticles will remove dead skin and excess build-up. You can purchase a cuticle treatment, massage the product into your nails, and use a small wood stick to gently push it back and slowly lift it from the cuticle. This is an effective method to move cuticles from your nail plate while effectively getting rid of dead skin. Afterward, you can apply cuticle oil for hydration.

Don’t Shake Your Polish Bottle

The mixing ball in your nail polish will vanish to activate the product’s formula. Many people think shaking the polish bottle will quickly remove the ball, but it creates bubbles and will ruin the polish application. Instead, roll the nail polish bottle between the palm of your hands until the ball vanishes.

Never Skip a Base Coat

The way to achieve happy and healthy nails is by applying a high-quality base coat. The base coat will protect your nails from polish stains while strengthening your natural nail. It also leads to a smooth polish application, which will prevent chipping.

Never Skip a Top Coat

One of the best ways to achieve a long-lasting and no-chip manicure is by applying a top coat. It locks in your polish and will leave your nails looking shiny and sleek. Applying a top coat is a step you don’t want to miss.

Don’t Use Too Much Polish

A huge blob of nail polish will take a long time to dry, and you’ll have a lumpy manicure. The key is to apply thin coats of nail polish in three strokes. Run the brush down the middle and both sides of your nails one time (a total of three strokes). You can repeat this process until you achieve your desired look.

Consider Applying Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is a long-lasting polish that doesn’t chip like traditional formulas. It dries quickly and feels natural on your nails. You can find OPI gel polish for sale and experiment with different colors and designs.

Wait Between Applying Coats

After applying your first coat of polish, wait at least one or two minutes before applying another coat. This will give the polish time to evaporate and let the color lock-in. It’s also essential to remember that the longer you wait between coats, the better it will lock-in the color.

Seal off the Edges of Your Nails

Chips tend to happen on the tip of your nails, yet many of us forget to apply an extra top coat on that area. The best way to prevent chipping is by horizontally running a thin layer of top coat over the edge of your nails. You can let it dry and repeat this step one more time.

Clean Up Your Cuticles

Someone can distinguish between a salon-quality manicure and a home one by looking for polish speckles around your cuticles. When you finish your manicure, dip a thin cleanup brush in nail polish remover. Then, skim around the outer edges of your nails to remove excess polish.

Don’t Dip Your Nails in Cold Water

There is a misconception that dipping your nails in cold water will make your manicure dry faster. However, it changes the consistency of the polish, making it putty-like. The most effective way to dry your nails is by exposing them to oxygen. Don’t blow or use a fan to dry. Just sit, and let the polish dry itself.

Stay Away From the Shower After a Fresh Manicure

When you’re in the shower and touch hot water, your nail beds will expand. This will cause your polish to crack and chip. Instead, wait a few hours before taking a shower to prevent chipping.

Moisturize Your Hands Between Manicures

A key part of manicure maintenance is keeping your nails hydrated, especially if you use your hands often. Activities like washing dishes, typing, and doing laundry can dry your hands and nail beds. While you’re between manicures, apply cuticle oil on your nails every other day to restore moisture and prevent chips.

Perfecting your manicure skills takes time. While you may have everything down pat, you still find yourself with chipped polish. Therefore, we hope our mani tips that will prevent your nail polish from chipping have helped you. If you’re interested in gel nail polish and other nail accessories, browse through our selection of products today! Nail Company Wholesale Supply has all the supplies you need for a great manicure.

Mani Tips That Will Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping

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