Our Top 10 Nail Trend Predications for 2023

Our Top 10 Nail Trend Predications for 2023

Our Top 10 Nail Trend Predications for 2023

We’re all familiar with the “out with the old and in with the new” mindset for the new year. In this case, prepare for fun manicures in the upcoming year by discovering new trends. Take a look at our top ten nail trend predictions for 2023 right now!

An Insider’s Look to 2023

One of the best things to look forward to is new beauty trends. The new year always brings something exquisite that’ll fit anyone’s taste. Before 2023, we want everyone to know about trends we’re expecting to make waves. Consider us your beauty insider and discover all the latest stylish nail looks. Pick your favorite trends and rock them during 2023!

Shape-Shifting Nails

“Versatility” is the name of the game in 2023. Shape-shifting nails are two-in-one manicures that give you different styles without compromising the nail’s design. Choose a long nail shape and cut the tips to create a “new” look. For example, transition stiletto-shaped nails into lipstick tips within seconds! Diversify your nails without extra salon visits. Additionally, you can add decals and stickers for extra embellishment.

French Tip Illusion Nails

Create the perfect optical illusion with French tip illusion nails. An ombre effect creates a three-dimensional appearance that casts light and dark shadows on the nails. It’s a French manicure with a twist. It has an abstract look that turns simple lines into a creative and eye-catching experience.

Dainty French Tips

The French manicure is an everlasting trend that’ll never go out of style. As we looked for variations of French manis, another one caught our eye. Dainty French tips are a simple and clean look. Start with short nails (preferably your natural nails) and use a clear or nude polish. Then, apply white or light-colored polish on the tip. This manicure is subtle and lovely. It’s appropriate for school, work, or professional events. You can never go wrong with a simple and beautiful look!

Contoured Nail Trims

Are you looking for a chic manicure? If so, you should consider contoured nail trims. Start with clear, white, or nude nails. Next, use a small brush to outline your nails with colored polish. The contoured appearance elongates your nails and adds an elegant touch to manicures.

For a slight alternative, start with any colored manicure and use a complementing shade to outline the nails—for example, outline mint green nails with blue polish. This chic spin on traditional manicures will turn heads.

Mood Ring Nails

Do you remember mood rings? They’re lovely pieces of jewelry that change colors to fit your emotions. However, the science behind the “mood-changing” phenomenon relies on body temperature to change the ring’s colors. Regardless of their scientific background, they’re still a cool concept. That’s why mood ring nails are among our nail trend predictions for 2023.

Color-changing nail polish reacts to temperature and offers two shades in one. Imagine starting the day with purple tips and then walking outside to reveal an icy blue manicure. The polish also provides a temporary ombre effect as nails switch colors. Mood ring nails are the best option if you’re interested in an aura-inspired manicure.

Confetti Nails

Who doesn’t love confetti? The festive decoration is a New Year’s celebration staple! It’s also a great addition to any party. If you enjoy the party atmosphere and want a cheerful manicure, confetti nails are a must-have set.

Start with clear nails and apply two coats of confetti polish. Remember to seal the manicure with a topcoat polish. This colorful set showcases bright embellishments on top of basic (clear) nails.

We expect this look to dominate New Year’s Eve parties and January celebrations. So, consider a confetti set as we move into 2023. You’ll dazzle with these nails.

Preppy Patterns

School is in session. Kind of. Preppy patterns are another trend to watch in 2023. Inspired by “prep school” colors, showcase a manicure with colored stripes or checkered patterns. For instance, rock horizontal stripes with navy blue and maroon polish. Pay homage to your favorite prep schools from TV or movies and display the perfect tips. If you need color ideas, consider some of these combos:

  • Lavender and teal
  • Red and pink
  • Burnt orange and brown
  • Black and white
  • Lime green and electric blue

Fresh Chrome

Thanks to Hailey Bieber in 2022, chrome nails are here to stay! Expect your favorite celebrities to display fresh chrome manicures during the new year. Silver and deep bronze are the two contenders for fresh chrome nails. The futuristic manicure is enticing and great for anyone interested in switching up their look. Display a metallic set at concerts, parties, or festivals.


Prepare for the hot pink invasion. Barbiecore is a nail trend that all pink lovers should know. As fans await the live-action Barbie movie hitting theaters in 2023, they can embrace a vibrant pink set. Great for any nail shape, the bright manicure is fun, stylish, and synonymous with Barbie.

Add small decals like rhinestones or stickers to enhance the hot pink manicure. However, if hot pink isn’t your “thing,” that’s ok! Barbiecore acknowledges all shades of pink, and you can rock beautiful nails in different tones. Try rose, coral, bubblegum, or peachy hues to achieve the perfect set. You’ll look amazing with the adorable manicure.


Minimalism is a lifestyle that embraces living with fewer things. It focuses on the basics with a “less is more” mindset. This lifestyle has invaded fashion and beauty trends as people opt for plain looks. However, where is creativity with simple appearances? That’s why “more is more” in 2023! Embrace maximalism with 3D nail art. Extra accents like three-dimensional logos, big rhinestones, and floral adornments are popular options for manicures.

You can also use texture-effect polishes to add a “sensory” detail to nail looks. With maximalism, it’s time to welcome creativity and enjoy out-of-the-box appearances.

Honorable Mentions

We had to limit our predictions to just the top ten. However, there are other nail trends that you should consider. Although they didn’t make our list, here are some fantastic honorable mentions:

  • Velvet manicures
  • Watercolor nails
  • Double arch manicures
  • Layered textures
  • Jelly French tips

Popular Nail Shape Prediction

In 2022, the coffin-shaped nail was trendy because they’re bold while elongating nails. Next year, we predict lipstick-shaped tips will dominate the scene. Admittedly, the shape is odd, but it’s unique. As people try various trends, they’ll want an interesting shape to pair with their stylish tips!

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Our Top 10 Nail Trend Predications for 2023

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