Reasons To Use Collagen Gloves at Your Salon

Reasons To Use Collagen Gloves at Your Salon

Reasons To Use Collagen Gloves at Your Salon

Enhance client experiences with soothing hand treatments. Collagen gloves hydrate and soften hands to prevent dry skin. Check out the reasons to use collagen gloves at your salon and add them to your treatments.

What Are Collagen Gloves?

Collagen gloves are single-use gloves infused with collagen, argan oil, and shea butter. They moisturize and nourish dry skin to soften calluses and reduce flaky skin. Collagen gloves are ideal for people with dry and cracked hands. The intensive treatment soothes hands, leaving them soft and silky-smooth. The gloves also have perforated pre-cut lines that let you remove the fingertips to perform manicures more easily.

Why Use Collagen Gloves for Clients

Manicures look amazing on soft hands. Set your clients on the road to success with a collagen treatment. The top reasons to use collagen gloves at your salon include the fact that they:

  • Deliver nourishment and moisture to hands while protecting the skin’s natural oils
  • Boost the skin’s collagen production, improving your client’s skin elasticity
  • Are non-abrasive to the skin, eliminating hand irritation
  • Soften cuticles and hydrate skin
  • Deeply penetrate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles

Create a Collagen Manicure Treatment

The easiest way to incorporate collagen gloves in your salon is to add collagen manicure treatments. As mentioned, the perforated lines on the gloves let nail technicians perform manicures while clients receive the collagen treatment.

The treatment starts with a quick hand massage, after which techs place the gloves on the client’s hands. While nail techs do manicures, collagen soaks into the skin and provides nourishment.

Collagen gloves should stay on for 15 minutes during a traditional or gel manicure. Nail techs must carefully remove gloves from the client’s hands to let their nails dry.

Customers will leave with soft hands and a gorgeous set of nails!

Other Ways To Upgrade Your Salon

Many salons offer soothing spa treatments to enhance client experience in their establishments. After all, who doesn’t love a detoxifying foot treatment or a purifying hand mask? Upgrade your salon with calming treatments. Along with providing collagen glove manicures, add foot treatments to your salon’s offerings.

Grab foot spa pedicure kits and offer massages with exfoliating scrubs. Clients love receiving extra TLC for their feet.

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