Retro Nail Designs To Introduce to Your Clients

Retro Nail Designs To Introduce to Your Clients

Retro Nail Designs To Introduce to Your Clients

Travel back in time with vintage manicures. Check out these retro nail designs to introduce to your clients. They will love the nostalgic feel of these nail looks.

Flower Power

The 1960s and 1970s were all about “flower power.” The flower symbolized peace and harmony during the time. It also became a part of fashion and beauty looks. For flower-loving clients, recommend flower nail art designs. Start with a burnt-orange base and add daisy prints. Use nail stickers or paint the petals with white and yellow polish. These blast-from-the-past nails are attractive year-round.

Abstract Swirl

The 1970s and 1980s were a colorful time. It was the era of vibrant clothes, bright posters, and multi-colored beauty looks. The abstract swirl is a distinct pattern of those time periods. With colors like orange, cream, green, pink, and turquoise, swirl patterns were eye-catching!

Clients will turn heads with an abstract swirl design on their nails. Start with a nude base color. Then, create vertical swirls on the nails with a fine-tip decal brush.

For an extra pop of color, outline the swirls with gold or silver nail polish. The extra sparkle makes manicures stand out!


Another retro nail design to introduce to your clients is checkerboard nail art. Checkerboard nails, named after the board game, have an alternating pattern of colored squares. The most common pattern is black and white squares. However, red and black patterns are popular too!

Think of a 1950’s diner with a checkered marble floor. The nostalgia and retro vibe pay homage to the time period. Use nail wrap stickers to give clients the perfect checkered pattern. You can also use nail tape and a decal brush to hand-paint designs.


Looking for a design that honors the golden age of Hollywood? The half-moon manicure is another 1950’s inspired nail design. The classic design resurges into the beauty scene, with celebrities like Olivia Wilde rocking the vintage look.

For this manicure, use tape to trace an arch above the client’s cuticle. Paint their nails, leaving the arch untouched. Before the polish dries, remove the tape to reveal a clean line. This simple yet gorgeous look is great for any client interested in a classic manicure!

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