Salon Tips for Properly Storing Your Nail Polish Bottles

Salon Tips for Properly Storing Your Nail Polish Bottles

Salon Tips for Properly Storing Your Nail Polish Bottles

After opening a bottle of nail polish, you must store it correctly to avoid clumps, discoloration, or hardening. Properly storing nail polish is more than closing the bottle and throwing it off to the side. Keep reading to learn these salon tips for properly storing your nail polish bottles!

Properly Clean and Close Bottles

Sometimes nail polish can spill onto the sides of the bottle, and when it dries, it can make the bottle difficult to close. Then, when you return to the bottle, the spilled polish can create a “seal” around the rim that makes the nail polish bottle challenging to open. Therefore, you must properly clean and close your bottle before storing it to avoid mishaps.

Store Bottles in a Cool and Dark Place

Heat exposure and humidity can damage your nail polish. It’s best to store your nail polish bottles in a cool and dark place to reduce the polish degradation process. Store them in a closet, drawer, or makeup bag to ensure they’re in a safe spot. However, if you’re storing them in a makeup bag, avoid sitting the bag near windows or areas in direct sunlight because the heat will damage the polishes.

Keep Bottles Sitting Upright

Always store your bottles in an upright position. When you lay polishes on their sides, they can harden and become tough to open. In addition, nail polish can spill out the bottles and create a mess if they’re not sitting upright. Place them in a basket or nail polish holder to ensure they stand tall.

Occasionally Shake Bottles

If you don’t use nail polish often, occasionally shake your bottles. Doing so will prevent them from settling and separating. Every month, take your nail polish out of its storage spots and shake the bottles a few times. Afterward, you can place them back in their storage area.

Purchase Backup Bottles

Don’t let a bottle chip or a broken brush ruin the longevity of your nail polish! Instead of throwing away a good nail polish, you can purchase empty nail polish bottles wholesale to ensure that you have ample backup solutions for breaks or chips. After using a backup bottle, remember to close it and store it with your other nail polishes!

We hope these salon tips for properly storing your nail polish bottles were helpful to you! If you’re interested in nail polishes and other nail supplies, you should browse through Nail Company Wholesale Supply’s selection of items. From nail prep kits to gems, we have everything you need for a fantastic manicure or pedicure.


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