Simple Tips for Applying Nail Art Crystals

Simple Tips for Applying Nail Art Crystals

Simple Tips for Applying Nail Art Crystals

From gels to dips to new foil transfers, the ways to create beautiful nail art keep expanding. One fun way to adorn your nails is with crystals that glitter, shine, or glow in the dark. Join in on the fun with these simple tips for applying nail art crystals.

Use a Picker Tool

The key to a successful nail art crystal application is proper placement and adhesion. To get the crystal to go where you want them to, you have to pick it up and place it on the nail. You can use tweezers, a toothpick dipped in clear polish, or a wax stick. But the most effective method may be using a pick-up tool made for transferring crystals to your nail. These tools have a fine wax tip for picking up the crystal and a stainless steel tip to gently press it on the nail.

Choose the Right Adhesive

You can use glue formulated to attach crystals to nails or apply the crystals to a fresh, wet, clear topcoat over your base coats of color. Some argue that gel polish is best for adding crystals, and they will last longer when placed on a gel-painted nail that you cure under UV light. Removing gel polish can be hard on your nails, so familiarize yourself with the gel polish process before you decide to use it.

You can also apply crystals to dry polished nails using a dot of adhesive or clear topcoat. Once the crystals stick and the dot of polish holding them on is dry, you can apply a clear topcoat to protect the crystals.

Use an Organizing Tray

Many crystal supply kits come in a handy tray that keeps the crystals corralled and organized. If your crystals came in a pouch or bag, pour what you think you’ll need onto a small disposable plate or into a disposable bowl to keep them organized and right-side-up. That way, when you go to pick one up with your wax pencil, the crystals are spread out and ready.

Nail art crystals add some bling to your manicure. They’re great for special occasions, and they’re fun as a girls’ night activity where friends can create and compare their nail art designs. Hopefully, these simple tips for applying nail art crystals will get you started with this fun way to embellish your nails.


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