Simple Tips & Tricks for Gel Nail Polish Beginners

Simple Tips & Tricks for Gel Nail Polish Beginners

Simple Tips & Tricks for Gel Nail Polish Beginners

Gel polish manicures are ultra-trendy, and for a good reason. Their long-lasting beauty makes them a top choice for many people, especially since they’re a healthier alternative for your nails than acrylic manicures.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to a salon to get a great gel polish manicure. With the correct techniques, you can give yourself a gorgeous gel manicure from the comfort of your countertop or kitchen table.

How do you do this, though? All you need to do is follow our simple tips and tricks for gel nail polish beginners.

Let’s get started!

Prepare Your Nails First

A secret to any perfect manicure is good prep work. Take the time to clean your hands and nails thoroughly. One way to ensure your nails are super clean and dry (this is critical for proper polish adhesion) is to buff each nail with a file and then wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe.

Once your nails are squeaky clean, grab a Q-tip and carefully apply Aquaphor, petroleum jelly, or regular lotion around the sides of your nail and on your cuticle. This will prevent any polish from sticking around on areas it shouldn’t.

Carefully Apply Your Polish

While applying gel polish is fun and exciting, be careful not to go too fast. Use short brush strokes to maintain control and get neat, even lines around the edges. Another simple tip for gel nail polish beginners is to apply thin coats of lacquer. While you typically need copious amounts of traditional nail polish, you don’t need as much with gel polishes. If you get any excess polish on the skin around your nail, make sure you remove it before curing.

Pro-tip: Once you paint your nail, paint over the tip of the nail at the end. This will lock the polish in place, especially when you’re applying the base and topcoat.

Not sure which polish to choose? We suggest you buy OPI gel polish.

Hydrate Your Nails

Believe it or not, your nails get thirsty, especially when you’re wearing gel polish. Hydrate your nails by drinking plenty of water and applying cuticle oil, Aquaphor, or petroleum jelly to your cuticles regularly.


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