The Differences Between Nail Extensions and Acrylic Tips

The Differences Between Nail Extensions and Acrylic Tips

The Differences Between Nail Extensions and Acrylic Tips

There’s nothing wrong with nail enhancements. Add length to your nails with the right manicure. Learn the differences between nail extensions and acrylic tips right now!

Gel Nail Extensions

While seeking nail extensions, you’ll encounter gel nail extensions. Think of this option as a “gel manicure with nail tips.” It requires fake tips for length, but the rest of the process follows the same steps as a gel manicure. Generally, Après Gel-X extensions manicures are flexible and natural in appearance (more natural than acrylic tips). The nail extensions also last between two to four weeks.

Acrylic Tips

Getting acrylic tips is a popular manicure option because fake tips extend your nails and allow you to try different shapes. A full acrylic set needs a polymer and monomer to create the “polish” for the tips. You then mold the mixture on the nail tips. Unlike gel sets, you let the tips air dry. Although acrylic sets are beautiful, they’re high-maintenance manicures requiring upkeep and fill-ins.

Main Difference

The main difference between nail extensions and acrylic tips is the polymerization process. Acrylic nails require a powder (polymer) and liquid monomer to create a dough-like blob to mold onto nail tips. Gel nail extensions use gel polish that you cure under a UV lamp. Gel extensions are softer than acrylics, and they have a natural appearance.

The Durable Option

When comparing gel nail extensions and acrylic tips, durability plays a significant factor. Many people think acrylic is the most durable option because it’s hard. However, it’s important to view acrylic and gel as “glass (acrylic) and plastic (gel).” Of course, glass is a hard material, but when you drop it, the material shatters. In contrast, plastic doesn’t easily break. Thus, the most durable option is gel.

Which To Choose

Both manicures are nice options, but your choice depends on the state of your natural nails. Professionals recommend gel for brittle nails because gel helps avoid breakage. Acrylics are the better option if you have soft and splitting nails because they add strength.

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