The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Nail Shape

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Nail Shape

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Nail Shape

Polishes and gems look great on various nail shapes. However, it’s challenging to select a shape that works for your hands. Luckily, we’re here to help you! Check out the ultimate guide to finding your perfect nail shape and select your ideal choice. You will be ready for your next salon appointment or at-home manicure session.

It’s All About the Shapes

A manicure is a full experience. And many people spend a lot of time contemplating on nail color and accessories rather than one important aspect. Whether you’re sitting in a salon chair or bringing out your nail file, you must decide on a nail shape! If you don’t know what to pick or want to learn about different options, this guide will break down popular shape choices.


Round nails are a classic shape that never goes out of style. If you’re interested in elongating your fingers and want a simple yet beautiful shape, this option is for you. Round nails are easy to maintain, and any polish color works for this look. Think of round nails as “old reliable,” and when you’re hesitant on nail shapes, you can choose this one. Round nails pair well with simple polish shades like blush pink, nude, and periwinkle.

Best Occasions for Round Nails

Switching up your nail shape for different events is great, and round nails are ideal for various occasions. Here are the best places for round nails:

  • Job interview
  • “Everyday” work nails
  • Wedding
  • Graduation


Oval nails are feminine and have the most natural-looking shape. They’re also easy to achieve! Grow your natural nails beyond your fingertips and file them on both sides. Please keep in mind that the curve in oval is important, so creating a curved tip makes the shape different from round nails. This shape is also great for giving the illusion of extra length, which is ideal for people wanting long nails without fake tips.

If you love nail art, oval nails look amazing with gold foils, small gemstones, and silver accents. Some people use this shape for a curved French tip because it accentuates your fingers! Overall, oval nails are elegant and chic.


People with narrow nail beds and slender fingers should consider square nails. This shape has 90-degree angled sides with a squared tip. This is a popular and trendy shape because many celebrities rock this option for different events. For example, Kim Kardashian dazzled with square tips at the 2017 Met Gala. You can also see music icons like Missy Elliot and Gwen Stefani wearing this nail shape in music videos and award shows!

You can be like your favorite celeb and opt for this nail shape. While looking for polish shades, square nails look best with dark and bold polishes. In addition, subtle accents bring the manicure to the next level. Rock this geometric shape with small gems and rhinestones. You will look glamorous and trendy for any occasion.


Long nails with tapered tips are the definition of almond-shaped nails. This shape is chic and trendy (especially during fashion week). If you’re looking for an elegant yet bold manicure, start with an almond shape. It won’t disappoint, and you will fall in love with your nail look! Neutral shades and this nail shape pair well together, but you can select your preferred polish.

People with wide fingers love almond nails because they make your hands appear slimmer with long fingers. And the best part about this option is that you can choose the length. You can opt for short or long nails that properly display the shape. However, extremely short almond nails may look similar to oval or round nails.

Coffin/ Ballerina

Similar to the shape of a coffin or a ballerina pointe shoe, this nail shape is long with tapered sides and a squared-off tip. Typically, people use nail tips to rock this shape because it adds a dramatic effect to the overall manicure. It also makes the shape easier to see. This striking selection looks amazing with matte polishes and distinct designs.

For instance, you can outline the nail with a white or bright polish to display the shape. Although matte coffin or ballerina nails are stylish, don’t be afraid to select other nail polish options. You can use DND DC gel polish to create a sleek manicure.


Like the shoe, stilettos are dramatic, pointy, and divine! To achieve this shape, file your nail or nail tips to a point, and let it resemble a claw. When you want a bold and daring manicure, this shape will turn heads! If you need an extra confidence boost, rap superstar Cardi B is a frequent wearer of this nail shape. However, plenty of non-celebrities gravitate toward this unique look. Add glitter to this manicure for an eye-catching appearance.

Best Places To Wear Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are unique and glamorous. And when it’s time to step out with this manicure, you want to wear them to the best places. Here are some great places to rock stiletto tips:

  • Dance club
  • Concert or music festival
  • Day party
  • Rave party


Arrowhead nails are the less dramatic version of stiletto nails. They have a shorter point with angled sides. Typically, you can use your natural nails for arrowheads and still commit to the stiletto-type appearance. This option is great if you’re not ready to wear a stiletto manicure, or for when you want something more subtle.

Of course, this look is still bold and daring, but you can integrate the manicure into your daily life. So, whether you’re attending a party or going to a work meeting, you will look amazing! Additionally, you should try vibrant polishes to enhance your manicure. Consider bright yellow, pink, or any of your favorite colors.


The shape is in the name. Lipstick nails are the shape of a tube of lipstick. The square style has a diagonal slant, and it’s an increasingly popular selection. They work with any nail length, and you have the creative freedom to create fun manicures. From slanted French tips to a glamourous marble nail look, the possibilities are endless. The next time you visit the nail salon, consider this option and pair it with a cool polish (and perhaps nail bling).

The next time you don’t know which nail shape to pick, please refer to the ultimate guide to finding your perfect nail shape. Feel free to get a shape that you wouldn’t normally try. Who knows, maybe ballerina manicures match your style, or perhaps almond-shaped nails look beautiful with your nail polish selection. Get creative and try something new.

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Nail Shape


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