The Ultimate Guide to Pedicure Tools for Your Nail Salon

The Ultimate Guide to Pedicure Tools for Your Nail Salon

Whether you’re opening your first or fifth nail salon, there is an assortment of supplies you must have to ensure your business’s success. Having the right equipment on hand will allow you to provide a wide range of services, including quality pedicures. Even if you’re just starting out or are a veteran in the field, consider this ultimate guide to pedicure tools for your nail salon.


Using attractive displays is one of the best ways to convince a client to get a pedicure. With so many gorgeous and trendy color, texture, and design options, it’ll be hard for them to say no. These displays will also help clients quickly and easily choose the perfect option for their toes.


When providing pedicures (and manicures), it’s important to have a clean, comfortable, and appealing place for you to work and for your client to relax. You also want to ensure that your stations have everything you and your technicians need to provide safe, efficient, and high-quality pedicures. These stations include a table, chairs for both yourself and your client, and a UV lamp. You’ll also want to invest in pedicure chairs. These chairs have built-in foot baths where clients can soak their tired feet before getting their nails done.


Without proper sanitation measures, you can spread infection and disease, lose your credibility and clientele, and even lose your salon to a failed health inspection. Nail equipment is something you need to sterilize and sanitize regularly. Many clients even prefer to watch you sterilize the equipment. This means sanitizing foot basins and sterilizing reusable metal tools.


There’s nothing worse than a smudged pedicure. Prevent this catastrophe by investing in UV or drying lamps for your salon. Clients will be able to sit back and relax while their nails quickly dry, without having to worry about smudges and redoes.

It’s also a good idea to invest in table lamps for each station. This will allow nail technicians to more easily work on clients’ nails.

Files and Buffers

Creating silky smooth heels, soles, and toes is an important part of the pedicure process. To do this, you need an assortment of quality nail files, foot files, and buffers. These tools will allow techs to slough off dead skin from clients’ feet as well as buff and shape clients’ nails in preparation for polish.

Professional Nail Drills

When you’re running a busy salon, it’s important for nail techs to do their jobs efficiently. A professional nail drill is one of the best pedicure tools for a nail salon, as they allow technicians to work much faster without losing out on quality. These drills are especially helpful when applying acrylic nail extensions, shaping artificial and natural nails, and cleaning nails.

In addition to investing in nail drills, you want to invest in an assortment of quality nail drill bits. These bits can be metal or ceramic, and different bits are designed for different purposes. Some bits are ideal for buffing, others for cleaning, and others for use underneath the nail.

Acrylic Supplies

You should have acrylic supplies on hand in your nail salon. This includes acrylic powder and monomer to create and apply quality acrylics. In addition, your nail techs will need a quality set of acrylic brushes in different shapes and sizes.

Gel Supplies

Gel pedicures are well-loved for their long-lasting nature. To provide a quality gel pedi, it’s a good idea to invest in a wide range of trendy gel polishes. You also want to invest in a set of gel brushes, as these are typically thin and flat—making gel pedicure applications much different than other pedicure types, such as acrylics.

Regular Nail Polish

Some clients swear by a pedicure done with traditional nail polish—they don’t want a gel, acrylic, or dip powder pedi. And that’s perfectly okay! It’s a great idea to invest in a swath of high-quality nail polishes in an assortment of trending colors.

Dip Powders

Dip powder pedicures are a growing trend, and for good reason. These pedicures are long-lasting and odor-free. They also tend to be gentler on the nails than other pedicure types. It’s a good idea to invest in an assortment of gorgeous dipping powders and individual cups. To prevent a buildup of germs and the spread of infection, you’ll want to pour dipping powder into separate cups and dip your clients’ nails into them rather than the original container.

Base Coats and Topcoats

No pedicure is complete without a quality base coat and topcoat. The base coat protects clients’ nails from the polish’s chemicals and potentially staining. The topcoat locks in color, protects the polish from chipping, and gives nails a stunning, glossy shine.

Polish Remover

If your client comes in with polish on their nails, you’ll need to spend some time removing the old to make way for the new. Invest in acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls for quick and easy nail polish removal. These supplies are also helpful if a technician makes a mistake.

Another removal tool you should purchase for your nail salon is isopropyl alcohol. This solution is helpful for use after a gel pedicure. Once the gel polish cures, there tends to be a sticky layer left over. A quick wipe using isopropyl alcohol allows your tech to remove the sticky layer without damaging the pedicure.

Cuticle Supplies

Cuticle work is part of any good pedicure. Occasionally, cuticles need to be pushed or cut back. You should also pamper them with a soak or an oil. It’s a good idea to invest in cuticle nippers and scissors as well as cuticle oil.

Pampering Supplies

Clients look forward to the luxurious and relaxing experience that comes with a pedicure. Exceed your clients’ expectations with a variety of pampering supplies. These supplies include high-quality spa pedicure kits. They also include exfoliating foot scrubs, hydrating lotion, and soft cotton towels.

Nail Art

Sometimes, a basic pedicure just won’t cut it. Clients want a unique design, texture, or embellishment. For this reason, it’s important to have a wide selection of nail art supplies. This includes stickers, foil, stamps, stencils, and embellishments.


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