Tips for Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home

Tips for Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home

Tips for Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home

Sometimes, you just don’t want to have to go back to the salon to remove your gel manicure or pedicure. And that’s totally okay! Even though gel polish doesn’t come off as easily as regular nail polish, taking it off isn’t an impossible feat. It doesn’t matter what brand you have, either: You can remove DND duo polish or other types by following the same process. Just follow our tips for removing gel nail polish at home, and your nails will be free and clear in no time.

Tip Number One: Ventilate

The gel polish removal process can be a smelly one, so do it in a well-ventilated area. Open some windows and turn on the exhaust fan to get the air flowing.

Tip Number Two: File

While filing isn’t necessary for standard polish, it is for gels. Use a coarse nail file to carefully sand down the top layer of your manicure or pedicure. Don’t worry about sanding all the polish off—just file away the topcoat. Once the shine is gone, you’ll know that you’ve filed enough.

Tip Number Three: Protect

This is an important yet lesser-known tip for removing gel polish at home. You’ll want to protect the skin around your nails with cuticle oil, thick lotion, or petroleum jelly. This will protect your skin from acetone’s drying effects.

Tip Number Four: Soak

Once you protect your skin, you’ll want to soak your fingertips in acetone. You can soak them in a bowl or cover them with acetone-soaked cotton balls. To get the cotton balls to stay in place, wrap your fingers with foil. Check on your nails every ten minutes. Once the polish has lifted or is falling off, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Tip Number Five: Work It

Remove your nails from their acetone bath and rub an acetone-soaked cotton ball over the remaining polish. The polish should come off easily.

Tip Number Six: Hydrate

After your nails are clear, they’re going to be very thirsty. Quench them with a coconut oil bath and follow up with an application of cuticle oil. You can also apply Aquaphor or petroleum jelly to your nails and leave them to soak up the moisture overnight.


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