Top Nail Art Design Trends To Try in 2022

Top Nail Art Design Trends To Try in 2022

Top Nail Art Design Trends To Try in 2022

Along with the many things the new year brings, you can expect new nail design trends. If you’re interested in staying up to date or want to try something new, check out these top nail art design trends to try in 2022. We have awesome suggestions that you will love!

Galaxy Nails

Get ready for a celestial-inspired manicure with a mix of deep navy and purple polish with cool galaxy designs. Put your own spin on this nail look with astrological signs, planets, or stars. You can also add glitter polish and a clear topcoat to add shine to this manicure, further emphasizing the celestial design. Have fun creating a unique galaxy nail design and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of polish!

Iridescent Metallic Polish

Another trendy nail art design is iridescent metallic polish. Your nails can capture the “northern lights” look with a quick swipe of this polish. Whether you have a dark or light nail polish base, you can add shine with this iridescent design. In addition, you can add gemstones and other accessories to further brighten up your nails. Not only is this manicure great for winter, but it’s excellent for all seasons.

Nail Foils

There’s no better way to display vibrant and unique nails than with nail foils! These awesome nail design accessories come in various styles, patterns, and colors! Not to mention, nail foils are easy to apply and last the same amount of time as a manicure. Within seconds, you can achieve a fun manicure that fits your style.

Rainbow-Colored Tips

French manicures are always trendy, but in 2022, you can expect a twist on this classic nail look. Rainbow-colored tips are the hottest craze this year. You can choose one colorful shade or switch it up and try out a few! This nail design is all about having fun and displaying your personality. It’s also the perfect manicure for spring and summer!

The new year means new nail art designs. If you’re a manicure-lover or enjoy trying new trends, we hope our list of top nail art design trends to try in 2022 was beneficial to you. If you’re interested in nail art foil, you can purchase wholesale nail foil here at Nail Company Wholesale Supply. We have an excellent assortment of foils that’s perfect for all nails! Browse through our selection today.


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