Types of Nail Extensions: Choosing Which Is Best for You

Types of Nail Extensions: Choosing Which Is Best for You

Types of Nail Extensions: Choosing Which Is Best for You

There are several different types of nail extensions you can choose from before receiving a manicure. But before you choose which is best for you, it’s good to assess the application process. Keep reading to learn about the various nail extension options.


Acrylic is one of the most popular nail extension choices. The application process involves gluing a nail tip to your natural nails and using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a thick, polish-like layer on the tip. With the various shapes and powders available, you can obtain different acrylic nail looks. For instance, you can use Young Nails acrylic powder on the nail tip to achieve a specific manicure color and shape the tip for your desired look.


Gel nail extensions, or Gel-X, are durable and long-lasting thanks to the curing process. With this type of extension, soft gel polish goes underneath the nail tip and is then pressed onto your natural nail. The tip is then cured with a UV lamp so that it can adhere to the natural nail. Afterward, you can shape and file the tip to the desired length and look.


Despite having been around for a long time, fiberglass is an unsung option for nail extensions. The application process includes cutting pieces of fiberglass and sealing it to nails with glue or resin. Afterward, you can apply gel or acrylic polish to the nails. For people interested in natural-looking extensions, fiberglass is the best selection. Unfortunately, it’s not as durable as acrylic or Gel-X.

Press-On Nail Tips

The best thing about press-on nail tips is that they’re pre-painted. All you have to do is file the nail to fit the cuticle and desired shape. In the past, people avoided press-on tips because they were often thin, low-quality, and fragile. However, modern press-on nails are much more durable, and they can last as long as a regular manicure.

What Should You Choose?

After reviewing the common types of nail extensions, it’s time to determine which one is best for you. If you’re interested in long-lasting nails, acrylic and Gel-X are the best choices. However, the most natural-looking option is fiberglass. And if you’re interested in a quick manicure, press-on nail tips are the fastest route. But don’t be afraid to try each option to determine your favorite look!

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