Ways To Strengthen and Heal Your Nails Between Gel Manicures

Ways To Strengthen and Heal Your Nails Between Gel Manicures

Ways To Strengthen and Heal Your Nails Between Gel Manicures

Though manicures are nice, it’s highly important to take care of your natural nails. If you’re looking for ways to improve them, read these ways to strengthen and heal your nails between gel manicures. By following these tips, you can achieve healthy and happy hands!

Give Your Nails a Proper Break

It’s best to give your nails a break between manicures because it lets them breathe and gives you the opportunity to take care of your natural nails. Ideally, it’s best to keep your nails polish-free for at least a few days. But if you’re experiencing brittle and weak nails, you should consider waiting three to four weeks before getting another manicure.

Keep Your Nails Short

Similar to trimming your hair to promote growth, trimming your nails and keeping them short is a good idea too! By trimming your ends, you free your nails from damage and prevent them from snagging on clothing. Essentially, short nails have the opportunity to grow and become healthier and stronger! This will lay an excellent foundation for your next gel manicure.

Strengthen From the Inside Out

Along with physically maintaining your natural nails, you can incorporate strength-building vitamins into your diet. Protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamin A can promote strong and healthy nail beds. And the best part about consuming these vitamins is that you can continuously take them. Whether you have a fresh manicure, an old one, or you’re on a nail break, there is never a wrong time to incorporate these helpful supplements into your diet.

Moisturize Often

Did you know that frequently moisturizing your hands can strengthen your nails? Another way to strengthen and heal your nails between gel manicures is to apply hand cream throughout the day. Give yourself a hand massage and work the moisturizer into your nails. Remember to gently massage upwards from your cuticles to avoid distorting your nail plate.

Avoid Harsh Soaps and Chemicals

Washing your hands and coming in contact with certain chemicals is a common occurrence. However, you should avoid contact with harsh soaps and chemicals between manicures. These things can dry and crack your hands. Therefore, it’s best to use mild soaps for handwashing and wear gloves when washing dishes or handling chemicals.

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