What To Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

What To Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

What To Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

There are tons of manicure options you can select, and acrylics are a solid choice. It’s essential to know what to expect with this look. Read this guide to learn the things you need to know before getting acrylic nails. You don’t want to miss this beneficial information!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are artificial nail tips placed on top of your natural nails with a mixture of powder and liquid monomer to create the desired nail shade. This is a long-lasting manicure that many nail technicians understand and offer at salons. However, you can create your own nail looks with practice and nail tips.

How Long Do They Last

A good acrylic nail set should last six to eight weeks, with a fill every two weeks. Typically, acrylics are long-lasting because the nail tips are sturdy. However, proper care plays a role in prolonging the manicure’s lifespan. Avoid picking at your nail beds because the tips will lift and break off. So take good care of your nails to prevent premature breakage.

Important Things To Know

The following points summarize everything you need to know before getting acrylic nails. This will help you with upcoming nail appointments, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Prep Work Is Necessary

You need to ensure that your natural nails can handle acrylics. If you have dry or brittle nails, you’re at a higher risk of damaging them when you receive an acrylic set. Luckily, you can use a strengthening serum, like jojoba oil, to aid your nails. Additionally, biotin supplements grow and strengthen nails!

Before heading to the salon, assess your nails and make sure they’re strong and healthy. The nail technician will also assess your natural nails and determine if acrylics will work for you. They may also recommend oils and supplements to help you prepare for future salon visits.

There Are Various Shape and Color Options

The best part of selecting an acrylic set is deciding on the shape and color of your nails. Nail technicians can shape tips into various looks, and you can select your desired shade. Whether you prefer a natural-looking set or something fierce, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Since this is your first set, you may opt for a natural manicure that’s easier to maintain. It’s also essential to note that your first acrylic manicure isn’t the most comfortable nail look. They may feel stiff and tight on your natural nails, and it takes time to adjust. If you experience ongoing discomfort, it may be a sign that the nail tips are too small and they’re pinching your cuticles or skin.

In cases of discomfort, contact your nail technician, and they will remove the set to soothe your nails.

Salon Costs Can Add Up

Unlike traditional manicures that cost around $20 to $25, an acrylic set may start from $50 and increase depending on the length and style. Typically, longer nails and intricate designs may cost $75 to $100. Please note that your location and specific salon determine the price of the manicure.

It’s best to have an idea of what you want before entering the salon. Then, your nail technician will tell you the price of your desired manicure. Many people enjoy their acrylic set and believe that the money is worth it!

Ensure Safety

When you visit a salon for any treatment, paying attention to the environment is essential. Are there noticeable stains on equipment? Does the salon look unkept? Ensure your safety by assessing the salon before receiving acrylic nails.

Dirty equipment can lead to nail infections and ruin your manicure’s appearance! If you don’t feel comfortable in the salon, opting out of your appointment is OK. After all, your nail health is important, and you don’t want to risk fungal infections.


Before selecting a nail salon, look at the reviews and pictures of their acrylic set. Since costs can add up, picking a quality salon to receive your manicure is critical.

They Require Consistent Maintenance

One hard truth about acrylic manicures is that they require consistent upkeep. They’re one of the most high-maintenance nail looks, but the appearance is worth the extra work. Basic care, like using cuticle oil and staying away from harsh cleansers, maintains your nails.

To keep the fresh appearance of your manicure, requesting an acrylic fill-in at your salon is important. This process treats the new growth at the base of your nails and covers them with fresh acrylic. Fill-ins prevent exposure to your natural nails (which ruins the manicure’s appearance).

Furthermore, avoid using your nails to open cans or hard items. Though acrylics seem sturdy, nails will break when you add pressure or excessively bend them. When you properly care for the acrylic set, your nails will remain happy and healthy!

Proper Removal Prevents Damage

A common way people experience nail damage is during the removal of their acrylic set. Most technicians use a drill to file the tips away when you visit a salon. However, the drills also file your natural nails, wearing them down. This weakens the surface and makes them susceptible to breakage. The best way to remove your set is to soak them away.

Pour acetone into a small bowl and soak your fingers in the solution. The chemicals will break down the products and make removing your nail tips easier. Afterward, wash your hands with a mild cleanser and apply moisturizer and cuticle oil. Since the fake tips cover your natural nails, it’s essential to regain nail strength.

After removal, it’s best to wait three months to get another acrylic set because the waiting period allows your nails to heal and grow.

Nail Designs To Try

Need a manicure idea for your acrylic set? No problem. Here are some unique nail ideas that you should try!

  • Color block set with coffin-shaped tips
  • Pink stiletto tips with small rhinestones
  • Bright yellow lipstick-shaped nails
  • White almond-shaped nails with gold foil
  • Nude acrylic set with shimmer top coat
  • Chrome almond set

Acrylic nail sets are beautiful, and you can achieve the perfect manicure at home or at a salon. Regardless of your choice, your nails will look great. Furthermore, if you need products, look no further than here. Nail Company Wholesale Supply is your place for all things manicure and pedicure supplies. Whether you need wholesale acrylic powder or gems and accessories, we have your back! Browse our selection of products today!

What To Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails

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