Winter 2021 Nail Polish Color Trends To Try

Winter 2021 Nail Polish Color Trends To Try

Winter 2021 Nail Polish Color Trends To Try

Dark and bold colors become popular during the winter, and many people shy away from bright nail looks. However, for this winter, that’s no longer the case. We’re seeing cool nail polish trends that can fit anyone’s winter aesthetic. Whether you’re going for a dark and moody aesthetic or a bright and spunky one, we’re here to help you stay trendy. Check out the winter 2021 nail polish color trends to try for excellent suggestions.

Top 10 Trending Nail Polish Colors

It's typical to choose dark yet appealing colors when it comes to winter fashion and beauty looks. Burgundy, navy, and emerald are standard go-to colors, but this winter, a mix of light and dark colors will make waves. Check out these trending colors.

Muted Mauve

It's not quite pink, but it also isn't a berry tone. Mauve is the perfect in-between nail color that's great for a glamorous yet subtle look. If you want to elevate your manicure, add a coat of shimmery polish on top of the muted mauve for an extra glimmer.

Silvery Chrome

High-shine silvery chrome is the way to go this winter. The bright hue is bolder than the typical silver, and you can achieve a mirror-like look with this cool polish. If you’re hesitant to do a full manicure with silvery chrome, you can always opt for a more minimal nail design that uses the polish to stay on-trend.

Moody Blue

A hue worth wearing this winter is a moody blue. It's a light blue color with gray tones that creates the perfect blue-meets-gray nail polish color. It's elegant and classy while embracing the winter weather. You will want to try this color before the season ends.

Cobalt Blue

Another blue that’s worth trying this winter is cobalt. You can never go wrong with this electric color, as it breaks out from the stigma that only dark nail polish colors are popular during this time of year. You will catch everyone’s eyes with this great color.


Although the weather is cold, you can heat things up with rich and warm mocha hues this season. Mocha is a soft brown color that’s simple yet classy. If you’re looking for a default nail color this winter, mocha is the way to go.

Deep English Green

Deep English green is another rich color you can welcome this winter. This green adds a retro allure to the pine tree-like nail polish color. You can think of “old-meets-new” when applying this sophisticated polish.

Cherry Red

Many people save cherry red nails for warmer months, but you can wear this color year-round. Attend holiday parties sporting this classic color to make this season merry and bright.

Mustard Yellow

Say hello to a blast from the past with mustard yellow nails. This 70s inspired nail color is making a comeback in 2021. You will stand out in a crowd with these throwback beauties.

Hot Pink

You may think that hot pink is a summer hue, but it works in the winter! The bright fuchsia shade is the perfect way to add color to a dark and cold winter. In addition, you can add spunky nail art to display this bright nail color further.

Sandstone Orange

Steering away from winter’s typical semi-brown polish shades, sandstone orange will dominate this season. The color is similar to terracotta, and you will see many people wearing this nail polish color this year. Like mocha, it’s a rich color that’s classy and elegant.

Winter Nail Art Trends

Now that we have established this year’s nail color trends, it’s essential to look at this winter’s nail art trends. This season, expect to see pops of color and unique designs that you can use with the trendy nail polish colors listed above. Here are some stylish nail art trends to try.

  1. Snowy metallics – It’s not quite white, but it also isn’t silver. Snowy metallics are subtle yet shimmery nails that you can wear all season.
  2. Metallic french tips – French tips are a nail design that will never go out of style. Rather than the typical white tip, try a metallic one! You can spot celebrities like Lizzo rocking this spunky look. It will definitely add a pop of color to your manicure.
  3. Hot cocoa swirl – Tis’ the season for warm beverages and warm-toned nails. Create a hot cocoa swirl by mixing white and mocha polish to resemble a marble-like look.
  4. Moody florals – Flowers don’t have to go away with the warmer months. You can rock beautiful floral designs all winter. Use dark nail polish hues to capture the look of your favorite flowers.
  5. Matte texture – Add a 3D texture to your nails with a matte topcoat. Whether your nails feature animal print, sharp lines, or swirls, matte texture can elevate your manicure.
  6. Lipstick nails – The next hottest nail shape is here. Lipstick nails are acrylic nails in the shape of a lipstick tube. They’re long, fun, and trendy. If you’re looking to try something new, you can try this unique shape.
  7. Icy blue hearts – Embrace the season with an icy blue heart design on your manicure. It’s a quick and simple way to stay on-trend. Simply add a blue heart anywhere on your nails.
  8. Colorful half-moon – Half-moon nail designs get another revival during the winter. Opt for colorful half-moons to add a unique pop of color this season!

Manicure Trends To Expect in 2022

When it comes to manicures, it’s always best to look forward to the next hottest trends. Heading into 2022, you can expect remixes on old trends, mismatched colors, and some minimalist nail looks. 2022 is also the year for many DIY manicures. You can prepare yourself to try out different nail looks by purchasing Kiara Sky nail polish and other nail accessories. You will have fun experimenting with different colors, designs, and fun art in the year to come!

During the winter, we see a lot of dark and moody colors become popular. However, you can expect a mix of light and dark colors this season. Your nail color should fit your aesthetic, and we encourage you to try some new polishes this year. We hope our list of winter 2021 nail polish color trends to try inspired you.

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Winter 2021 Nail Polish Color Trends To Try

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