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Cuticle Remover Liquid

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    5 products
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    CND Cuticle Away

    Overgrown cuticles are not only unsightly, but they can also dry, crack, and split, creating an avenue for dirt, germs, and fungus to enter and infect the nail bed. Cuticle remover liquid gently softens and removes overgrown cuticles as it conditions and moisturizes cuticles for healthy nails.

    When nail cuticle remover has done its job, the overgrown, flaky, cracked, or split tissue wipes away. After using liquid cuticle softener, simply wash the nails with warm water and dry before moving on to bonding enhancements, base coats, or polish.

    Cuticle remover helps nail artists have greater success with enhancements, safely bonding them to nails without further tearing or splitting overgrown cuticles. Nail Company Wholesale Supply offers cuticle remover for wholesale purchase to nail artists and salons.

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