Nail Polish Primer & Base

20 products

    20 products
    Premium Nails Primer
    from $9.15 Regular price $12.00 Save $2.85
    Premium Nails Tri 3 Bond
    from $9.00
    Today's 4 in 1 Primer
    from $9.00
    Young Nails Protein Bond 0.25oz
    Young Nails Protein Bond 0.25oz 6pack
    CND Nail Primer .5oz
    CND Nail Fresh 1oz
    NotPolish Triple X Bond 0.5oz
    Kiara Sky Acrylic Primer
    Kiara Sky #1 Bond 0.5oz
    Kiara Sky Gelly - #2 Primer
    Gelish Probond Acid Free Nail Primer
    Sale price $8.75 Regular price $10.00 Save $1.25
    Sold Out
    No Lift Nails Gentle Primer
    NoLift Primer .75oz
    OPI BondAid
    from $6.00 Regular price $28.00 Save $22
    Sold Out
    Orly Bonder
    from $6.00
    Chisel Liquid #1 Bond 0.5oz
    Le Chat Bonder
    LaPalm Non-Acid Primer 1 Gallon
    Gelish Soft Gel Tip Primer
    Sale price $9.00 Regular price $9.95 Save $0.95

    Nail technicians know that proper preparation is key to a durable manicure. At Nail Company Wholesale Supply, we have the nail polish primer and bond you need to get the adhesion you want with gel or acrylic applications.

    Whether or not you use a separate dehydrator, the nail bond will alter the PH level of the nail to make the surface more amenable to polish. Oily nails won’t hold polish well, so dehydrators and PH balancers give the nail a better chance of holding on to the polish.

    Nail polish primer helps nail enhancements adhere better. Bonds and primers prepare nails for gel and acrylic applications while giving the manicure a chance of lasting longer, boosting client satisfaction.

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