Barbicide Plus (TB) Disinfectant 16oz

SKU: 210000006011
Barbicide Plus (TB) Disinfectant 16oz

Barbicide Plus (TB) Disinfectant 16oz

SKU: 210000006011
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BARBICIDE PLUS (TB) is a superior disinfectants and is EPA-registered and make hospital-grade solutions. It also kills HIV, herpes, staph, ringworm, funguses and more. BARBICIDE PLUS also kills TB. Metal implements can soak safely in BARBICIDE for hours. Super concentrated formula dilutes 1 ounce per gallon of water.

  • For all metal instruments, and for chemically resistant plastics. 
  • Recommended for manicurist implements. 
  • Tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and germicidal. 
  • EPA registered. 
  • Fresh, pleasing fragrance. 
  • Contains a rust inhibitor. 
  • Concentrated. 1 ounce makes 1 gallon. 
  • Meets or exceeds state board requirements.

Barbicide Plus. From the makers of original Barbicide.

The Plus -For Use When a Tuberculocidal Hospital Disinfectant is Required.


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