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OPI Gel + Lacquer Collection - 165 colors

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  • 1 Gel Top & Base Duo
  • 1 Top & Base Duo
  • 3 Natural Ring Swatch (50pcs)


165 Gel + Lacquer Duo 0.5oz

A16 Thrill of Brazil
A60 Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
A61 Taupeless Beach
A68 Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
A69 Live.Love.Carnaval
A70 Red Hot Rio
B29 Do You Liliac It?
B35 Charged Up Cherry
B56 Mod About You
B59 My Private Jet
B61 OPI Ink
B78 Miami Beet
B86 Shorts Story
C13 Coca Cola
C89 Chocolate Moose
D52 Racing For Pinks
D53 Suzi Is My Avatar
D54 Trading Paint
D59 Can't CTRL Me
D60 Achievement Unlocked
D61 N00Berry
E44 Pink Flamenco
E74 You're Such A Budapest
E75 Can't Find My Czechbook
E82 My Vampire is Buff
F15 You Don't Know Jacques!
F16 Tickle My France-y
F62 In the cable car-pool lane
F80 Two-Timing the Zones
F82 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
F83 Polly want a Lacquer
F85 Is that a Spear in your Pocket?
F91 Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
F004 Brown To Earth
F006 Rust & Relaxation
F007 Red-Veal Your Truth
F008 Suzi Takes A Sound Bath
F009 Midnight Mantra
F012 Cave The Way
G13 Berlin There Done That
H02 Chick Flick Cherry
H08 I'm Not Really a Waitress
H19 Passion
H22 Funny Bunny
H39 It's a Girl!
H47 A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find
H48 Lucky Lucky Lavender
H67 Do You Take Lei Away?
H70 Aloha from Hawaii OPI
H71 Suzi Shops & Island Hops
H72 Just Lanai-ing Around
H82 Let's be friends
HO01 Suzie Calls The Paparazzi
HO03 Movie Buff
HO06 Destined To Be a Legend
HO08 Oh you sing, Dance, Act & Produce
HO09 Award for Best Nails Goes To...
HO10 I'm Really An Actress
I43 Black Cherry Chutney
I54 That's What Friends are Thor
I55 Krona-logical Order
I56 Suzi & The Artic Fox
I58 This Isn't Greenland
I59 Less is Norse
I62 One Heckla of a Color
L00 Alpine Snow
L16 Lisbon Wants More OPI
L17 You Got Nata on Me
L18 Tagus in That Selfie
L23 Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants
L24 Closer Than You Might Belem
L25 Tile Art to Warm Your Heart
L26 Suzi Chases Portu-geese
L60 Dutch Tulips
L64 Cajun Shrimp
L72 OPI Red
L87 Malaga Wine
LA02 Graffiti Sweetie
LA03 (P)Ink on Canvas
LA05 7th & Flower
LA09 OPI Heart
LA10 Abstract
LA11 Violet Visionary
M21 My Chihuahua Bites
M23 Strawberry Margarita
M27 Cozumelted in the Sun
M83 Mexico City Move-mint
M84 Verde Nice to Meet You
M87 Mural Mural on the Wall
M88 Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal
M89 My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore
M93 Mariachi Makes My Day
MI04 Drama At La Scala
MI06 Duomo Days, Isola Nights
MI07 Suzi Talks with her Hands
MI08 OPI Nails the Runway
MI11 Leonardo's Model Color
MI12 Complimentary Wine
N25 Big Apple Red
N44 How Great is your Dane?
N45 My Dogsled is a Hybrid
N47 Do you Have This Color in Stock-holm?
N51 Let Me Bayou a Drank
N52 Humid-tea
N54 I Manicure for Beads
N55 Spare Me a French Quarter
N56 She's a Bad Muffuletta
N57 Got Myself into a Jambalaya
N58 Crawfishin' For Compliment
N60 I'm Sooo Swamped
N61 Rich Girls & Po-boys
N62 Show Us Your Tips
P32 Seven Wonders of OPI
P33 Alpaca My Bags
P38 My Solar Clock is Ticking
P40 Como Se Llama
P41 Yes my Condor Can Do!
P61 Samoan Sand
R44 Princesses Rule
S86 Bubble Bath
T02 Black Onyx
T31 My address is Hollywood
T65 Put it in Neutral
T71 It's in the Cloud
T73 One Chic Chick
T74 Stop It I'm Blushing
T75 It's a Boy!
T76 I Am What I Amethyst
T80 Rice Rice Baby
T83 Hurry-juku Get This Color!
T86 How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?
T89 Tempura-ture Is Rising
T90 Kanpai OPI
U12 Red Heads Ahead
U13 Good Girls Gone Plaid
U14 Suzi Needs a Loch-smith
U15 Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k
U15 Things I've Seen Aber-Green
U16 Nice Set of Pipes
U17 You've Got That Glas-Glow
U18 Rub A Rub Pub
V25 A Great Opera-tunity
V26 It's a Piazza Cake
V28 Tiramisu for Two
V29 Amore at the Grand Canal
V30 Gimme a Lido Kiss
V31 Be There in a Prosecco
V32 I Cannoli Wear OPI
V33 Gelato on My Mind
V34 Purple Palazzo
V35 O Suzi Mio
W42 Lincoln Park After Dark
W52 Got The Blues for Red
W53 CIA = Color is Awesome
W54 Stay Off the Lawn
W55 Suzi - The First Lady of Nails
W56 Never a Dulles Moment
W57 Pale to the Chief
W59 Freedom of Peach
W60 Squeaker of the House
W61 Shh... It's Top Secret
W62 Madam President
W63 OPI by Popular Vote
W64 We The Female
Z13 Color so Hot it Berns

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    OPI Gel + Lacquer Collection - 165 colors

    $3,200.00 USD

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